From our doctors’ experiences to valuable information and advice about living and working in Scandinavia.

Maria, a Psychiatrist from Greece Working in Sweden

Maria, a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist from Greece, started working in Kalmar, Sweden in June 2014. Today, she is chefsöverläkare, which means she is in charge of the patients that need to be hospitalised but also makes important decisions regarding the department together with the Head of Department. Read more!
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Child Care in Scandinavia & MediCarrera’s Family Concept

When relocating, you have to think about your children as well. That’s why MediCarrera’s relocation team offers assistance in finding a new house, school, and kindergarten. Learn more about the child care in Scandinavia and our family concept.
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Why Should You Work as a Psychiatrist in Scandinavia?

Scandinavian societies are known for awareness regarding mental health conditions and there is a strong focus on their prevention. Patients are more open to seek help and share their problems with psychiatrists. Learn about the benefits of working as a psychiatrist in Scandinavia.
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MediCarrera’s Free Intensive Language Course

In order to get a medical license in Scandinavia, it’s necessary to have a certain language level. MediCarrera offers a free intensive language course for the entire family after the candidate gets a job offer from the hospital. Read about the course benefits and doctors' experiences.
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Fika with Ainhoa, a Nurse from Spain working in Sweden

We had a Swedish Fika at one of Uppsala’s oldest confectioneries with Ainhoa, a nurse from Spain who started working at the Hematology Clinic at Akademiska University Hospital one and a half months ago. Ainhoa shares her experience from the language course and her new workplace.
Fika with Ainhoa, a Nurse from Spain working in Sweden

Why Should You Work as a Radiologist in Scandinavia?

While there are many advantages of working in Scandinavia, the most important thing for radiologists is the fact that the hospitals in these countries are very well equipped with state of the art technology. Find out more about the benefits of working as a radiologist in Scandinavia.
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Why Should You Work as a Nurse in Sweden?

It is estimated that the demand for nurses will increase by 40% in 2030 whereas the number of nurses will only increase by 20%, which will result in a gap that needs to be filled. Learn about the benefits of working as a nurse in Sweden.
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Why Should You Work as a GP in Sweden?

A recent study shows that Sweden ranks number 1 in consultation time spent per patient in primary care. Find out what are the other benefits of working as a general practitioner in Sweden.
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How to Get a Job in Scandinavian Public Healthcare

Scandinavian countries are known for their advanced healthcare systems as well as very good working conditions and professional growth opportunities for doctors. If you’re interested in job opportunities in Scandinavian healthcare, follow these five steps.
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Erika, a GP From Hungary Working in Sweden

Erika is a family medicine specialist from Hungary. In January 2018 she moved to Vetlanda, Sweden with her husband and three children after she was offered a position at the local primary care center.
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