Valuable information, tips and advice about living and working in Scandinavia.

MediCarrera’s Family Concept

Did you know MediCarrera has its family concept and that our team helps you start your life in Scandinavia? We offer assistance during the entire process of finding a new house, school, and kindergarten, among many other things. For us, it’s crucial to prepare the whole family for their new life in the new country...

MediCarrera's Family Concept

Scandinavian Life Philosophies for a Happy life

With a focus on balance, connection, a healthy work-life balance, high standards of living with less pressure, less stress, and more time for everything they enjoy, and love doing, the Scandinavians have developed their way of living life to the fullest...

Scandinavian Life Philosophies for a Happy life

Checklist: Moving to Sweden for work

There are many things to keep track of before moving to another country. Before moving to Sweden for work, there’s a lot of things you should know about, such as the housing market, enrolment procedures, and other regulations that might differ from your home country...

Checklist: Moving to Sweden for work

What is MediCarrera Temp?

MediCarrera Temp offers short-term positions for nurses and doctors in Sweden. Our program allows you to grow professionally in a modern healthcare system whilst benefiting from a very good salary and working conditions - without permanently moving from your home country...

Vanliga frågor

Interview with Åsa working in childcare in our campus

For us, it’s very important to include the whole family in our language program since we want every family member to be taken care of, not least the children. Childcare is therefore an important part of our work on the campus. We interviewed Åsa, one of our Swedish teachers on the campus in Calafell...

New job offers in the French healthcare

We can now announce that we have new job offers in France for healthcare professionals. The French healthcare system consists of both private and public hospitals, among other medical service providers. There are some requirements that the candidate must fulfill to work as a doctor in France...

Eiffel tour and Paris street

How Healthcare in Sweden works

Sweden’s healthcare is among the best in the world. The country has a system for the residents that ensures its equal access to healthcare services. The purpose is to provide good-quality health and medical care to everyone in Sweden...

MediCarrera Temp

How to apply to medical jobs in Scandinavia

For those who want to apply to medical jobs in Scandinavia with MediCarrera, there are a few steps along the way. The applying process for a job can differ depending on the company and the field, and sometimes it is a bit tricky to know exactly what to expect from the process...

Man using video chat on laptop to participate in an online job interview

Scandinavian view on gender equality

In accordance with many international rankings and surveys, the Scandinavian nations are among the best places to live in as a woman. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are all at the top of many ranking lists when it comes to gender equality...

Scandinavian view on gender equality

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