Why relocating to work in Scandinavian healthcare improves your life 

Working conditions in the south and east of Europe are often considered worse than in northern Europe due to low remuneration and long working hours. MediCarrera has helped many healthcare specialists and their families improve their life by organising their move to Scandinavia. Here are 5 reasons why the life of you and your family will be better in Scandinavia:

1. Better conditions for families: Scandinavia is known to be family friendly due to factors like long parental leave, free schooling and a monthly allowance for children.

2. More financial security: It’s no secret that living costs are high in Scandinavia, however the wages in the healthcare sector make up for it as they are generally four times higher than in the rest of Europe.

3. A better work-life balance: You have probably heard about the famous Scandinavian work-life balance before. But what does it mean exactly and why is it better than in the rest of Europe? It means the work-life is better organised, you work less hours and therefore have more time for your private life and your family. Many of our successfully placed doctors agree when sharing their experience of relocating to Scandinavia.

4. Environmentally friendly: Scandinavian countries are known for being environment-friendly and sustainable. Sweden ranked #3 among World Economic Forum’s list of the world’s most environmentally friendly countries, due to its clean drinking-water and waste-water treatment. Denmark ranks in the top 20 for health impacts, water andsanitation, water resources, biodiversity and habitat.

5. Advanced healthcare system: The healthcare systems in Nordic countries rank among the best in the world. Healthcare is high in quality and cheap in comparison to other countries: In Denmark it is mostly free and in Sweden and Norway it is free for children under 16, but adults pay through an out-of-pocket co-payment. In Sweden men have the 4th highest life expectancy of any nation, living to an average of 80.7 years. If you would also like to enjoy Scandinavia’s healthcare system, register here!

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