Read about some of our doctors’ and nurses’ experiences, moving to Scandinavia and starting an employment using our services and support.

Interview with the emergency department nurse Tilda

We have talked to the emergency department nurse Tilda to find out more about her exciting profession, not least in these times (COVID-19). We were curious and wanted to know everything about what it is like to work in an Emergency Department during a prevailing pandemic and Tilda gave us many interesting answers to our questions...

Emergency Department Nurse

How is the work of a nurse in Sweden, an Interview with Sonja

To learn more about how the work of a nurse in Sweden is, we talked to the nurse Sonja Skrinjaric who relocated to Sweden from Croatia with her family in March 2018. Sonja and her family had for a long time been interested in moving to Sweden to work...

Work of a nurse

An interview with David Antoniu GP

An interview with David Antoniu GP, after 4 years of living in Sweden. We made an interview with David Antoniu, who visited the primary care centre, in Tranås a town of 18 000 inhabitants...

An image of the Dr. David Antoniu

Mirjam, a Nurse from the Netherlands Working in Sweden

Mirjam is a nurse from the Netherlands, specialized in pediatrics. She moved to Sweden with her husband and children and during the past six months she has been working at the Uppsala University Hospital. Learn more about Mirjam's experience, hospital working conditions and why her children choose to stay in Sweden.

Nurse from the Netherlands Working in Sweden

Maria, a Psychiatrist from Greece Working in Sweden

Maria, a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist from Greece, started working in Kalmar, Sweden in June 2014. Today, she is chefsöverläkare, which means she is in charge of the patients that need to be hospitalised but also makes important decisions regarding the department together with the Head of Department. Read more!

a Psychiatrist Working in Sweden

Fika with Ainhoa, a Nurse from Spain working in Sweden

We had a Swedish Fika at one of Uppsala’s oldest confectioneries with Ainhoa, a nurse from Spain who started working at the Hematology Clinic at Akademiska University Hospital one and a half months ago. Ainhoa shares her experience from the language course and her new workplace.

a nurse working in Sweden

Erika, a GP From Hungary Working in Sweden

Erika is a family medicine specialist from Hungary. In January 2018 she moved to Vetlanda, Sweden with her husband and three children after she was offered a position at the local primary care center.

GP working in Sweden

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