Job Offer: Dentists in Sweden

Job offers for dentists in Sweden are mainly in public clinics. Most of the vacancies are for general dentists with broad profiles taking care of patients in all ages.

All clinics are modern and well equipped, all of them have dental x-ray in the clinic.  In the clinics there are dentists, dental nurses and dental hygienists working together. Some of the vacancies may imply working in two different clinics, travelling some days per week.

The clinics offer permanent contracts. Before starting the employment you will benefit from a free intensive language course to learn Swedish.

We offer:
  • Permanent contract after obtaining the Swedish License to practice as a dentist
  • Help to find: Apartment, school and kindergarten
  • Invitation to study tour to Sweden after a first interview, to learn more about the region and the work environment
  • Assistance with removal and relocation costs
  • Intensive Swedish course, also for the family
  • Remuneration during the language course of €800 monthly net, free apartment, and travel costs for the family.
  • Be an EU citizen OR have long-term residency in any of the EU member countries
  • General dentist title
  • Professional experience and interest in general dentistry
  • Availability to complete the Swedish intensive course

If you are not an EU citizen and/or your degree and title are not from EU countries, you must:

  • Have your medical degree AND specialist title recognised in any of the EU member countries
  • Have worked at least 3 years in any of the EU member countries AFTER your degree and title had been recognized

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