Job Offer: Pathologist in Denmark

A vacancy as a staff specialist in pathology with experience in cytology is now open in a public hospital in Denmark.

The position is for a pathologist focusing on the study of cells. The hospital has 3,000 employees covering an area of 250,000 inhabitants.

The Laboratory Center is one of 11 departments and consists of five clinics: Pathology, chemical pathology, microbiology, immunology and pharmacy.

About the job:

  • Examination of cytology samples in microscopes for diagnostic determination
  • The test material originated from hospitalized and outpatient hospital patients, as well as from patients in general practice and specialist practice within the region
  • Autopsies and screenings are made
We offer:

All the services of MediCarrera are free of charge for the candidates.

  • Permanent contract after trial period of 3-6 month
  • Attractive salary
  • Training courses within working hours
  • Help to find: Apartment/house, school and kindergarten
  • Invitation to study tour to Denmark after a first online interview, to learn more about the region and the work environment
  • Assistance with removal and relocation costs
  • Intensive Danish course, also for the partner and children
  • Remuneration during the language course of €800 monthly net, free apartment, and travel costs for the


  • Be an EU citizen OR have long-term residency in any of the EU member countries
  • Specialist title in Pathology and great experience within the cytology field
  • Ability to get a Good Standing from your home country
  • Availability to complete a Danish intensive course outside your home country with duration of 19 weeks before moving to Denmark

If you are not an EU citizen and/or your degree and title are not from EU countries, you must:

  • Have your medical degree AND specialist title recognised in any of the EU member countries
  • Have worked at least 3 years in any of the EU member countries AFTER your degree and title had been recognized

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