Bringing success to organisations and life changing possibilities to healthcare professionals.

MediCarrera works on behalf of public hospitals, clinics and primary care centres in different regions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We offer European doctors, dentists and nurses the opportunity to start a new professional and personal life abroad and organise language training for them and their families, while providing them with assistance in all practical issues related to relocation.

MediCarrera has helped more than 600 doctors, nurses and dentists to start a new career in Scandinavia.


MediCarrera has more than 30 employees. In the recruitment team, we are 10 recruiters covering the most important languages, and four of us are psychologists as well. We have 14 teachers working full time to teach you, your partner and your children the new language, and take care of the youngest children so that you can focus on your studies. Furthermore, we are a team of 7 organising the language courses, arranging the study/interview trips to Scandinavia and helping you find a home and a school/kindergarten for your children. We also help you with the paperwork, to organise your move to the new country and other practical issues.

Anda Stoicescu Team Leader Recruitment and Psychologist

Anda Stoicescu

Team Leader Recruitment, Psychologist

Languages: Romanian, English, Spanish, Catalan, French

Mail icon  anda@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +34 933 173 715

Dora Kantor Recruitment Consultant

Dóra Kántor

Recruitment Consultant

Languages: Hungarian, English, Spanish, German

Mail icon  dora@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +34 933 173 715


Natalija Prokopjeva Recruitment Consultant

Natalija Prokopjeva

Recruitment Consultant

Languages: English, German, Latvian, Russian, Bulgarian

Mail icon  natalija@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +35 989 222 2131

Justyna Markowitz Recruitment Consultant

Justyna Markowitz

Recruitment Consultant

Languages: Polish, English, Spanish

Mail icon  justyna@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +48 504 042 045

Edgar Tijhuis Recruitment Consultant

Edgar Tijhuis

Recruitment Consultant

Languages: English, German, Dutch, Spanish

Mail icon  edgar@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +31 6 3615 3742

Marisa Tornros Relocation Specialist

Marisa Törnros

Relocation Specialist

Mail icon  marisa@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +34 933 173 715

Marisa Tornros Relocation Specialist

Pegah Esfahani

Relocation Specialist

Mail icon  pegah@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +34 933 173 715

Linnéa Mäki Relocation Specialist

Linnéa Mäki

Language Course Administrator

Mail icon  linnea@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +34 933 173 715

Marisa Tornros Relocation Specialist

Amanda Friberg

Relocation Specialist

Mail icon  amanda@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +34 933 173 715

Sofia Hedman Account Manager Sweden

Sofia Hedman

Account Manager Sweden

Mail icon  sofia@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +46 437 377 31

Linn Gronberg Maternity Leave

Linn Grönberg

Account Manager Sweden

Mail icon  linn@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +34 933 173 715

Sabina Jacobsson Relocation Specialist

Sabina Jacobsson

Account Manager Sweden

Mail icon  sabina@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +46 8 437 376 82

Susanna Sjunneryd Account Manager Sweden

Ingve Groven

Account Manager Norway

Mail icon  ingve@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +34 622 353 149

We have 14 teachers working full-time, and another 8 teachers working part-time with our language courses for doctors and nurses, their partners and children. Team leader for the teachers is Johnny Ropero Adouard.

MediCarrera’s head teachers in Calafell, Budapest and Bucharest are also certified Swedex test leaders for B2 level according to CEFER, The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Nina, Carina, Rehana, Åsa, and Helima are taking care of all the children and teaching them Swedish, Danish or Norwegian in Calafell. They are all native speakers.

MediCarrera’s child care staff has extensive experience from working in kindergartens/schools in Scandinavia. Rehana Faarok, the team-leader, has worked in MediCarrera’s child care for ten years.


Noemi Sanz Financial Manager

Noemi Sanz

Maternity Leave

Mail icon  noemi@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +34 933 173 715

Silvia Campaña Accounting

Silvia Campaña


Mail icon  silvia@medicarrera.com

Phone icon +34 933 173 715


The company was founded in 2003 by Mats Ignell and Nina Paulsson, who are also the owners and still both work actively in the company. During these 14 years, we have been helping doctors, nurses and dentists take their careers to the next level by working in the Swedish, Norwegian or Danish healthcare system.