Read about some of our doctors’ and nurses’ experiences, moving to Scandinavia and starting an employment using our services and support.

A Bulgarian doctor couple shares their experience of moving to Sweden

In December 2023, Bulgarian doctors Milena, a paediatrician, and her husband Slavcho, a gastroenterologist, along with their son Rayan, relocated to Skövde, Sweden. They shared their journey of finding employment through MediCarrera, learning Swedish, and adapting to their new life. From initial interviews to language courses in Spain and settling into their new home, their story highlights the challenges and rewards of moving to a new country for better professional opportunities. Discover how they navigated the transition and embraced their new community and work environment.

Melania’s relocation to Sweden

We interviewed Melania, a neurologist from Hungary, who relocated to Sweden and settled in the charming town of Eksjö in 2016. Before her relocation, she took part in the Swedish language course in Bucharest. Read about her experience with the relocation process, the language course, the support she received from MediCarrera, and her new life in Eksjö.

Melania's relocation to Sweden

Interview with Dragan, after relocation to Sweden in 2019

Dragan, a specialist in pediatrics from Croatia relocated to Värnamo, Sweden in 2019 together with his wife Patricia, a specialist in anesthesia and intensive care, and their two children. Before moving to Värnamo, the family participated in the language course in Calafell. We interviewed Dragan to talk about his and his family's experience regarding MediCarrera's recruitment process, the language course, and the work as a pediatrician in Sweden. Learn more about the challenges they faced when they arrived in Värnamo and how they managed to overcome them.

Relocation to Sweden

Lithuanian pediatrician in Värnamo

Lithuanian pediatrician, Laurynas, shares experience of relocating to Värnamo, Sweden. Read about the family's journey and life in the small town.

pediatrician working in Värnamo,Sweden

Interview with Tilen, a travel nurse working in Sweden

We spoke with Tilen, a nurse from Slovenia who learned Swedish and had the opportunity to work in Stockholm with our help. We asked him to describe his experience and share tips to encourage those considering moving to Sweden.

travel nurse in Sweden

A Psychiatrist’s experience of MediCarrera’s Swedish language course

Are you curious about what it’s like to participate in a Swedish language course with MediCarrera? To give you the best answer to this question, we interviewed Mario Carretero, a psychiatrist from Spain. He just finished the language course together with his family on our campus in Calafell...

Mario in Calafell, MediCarrera Swedish language course

Interview with Patricia about her psychiatric job in Norway

We interviewed Patricia, a psychiatrist from Hungary, who moved to Norway after MediCarrera’s language course in Budapest 2019. She found us online and got in touch with us when looking for a job in Norway. She also had a former colleague who relocated with us. We talked to Patricia about her experiences with our company, the language course...

Patricia sitting on a cliff

Interview with Bieke, a specialist in psychiatry in Norway

We interviewed Bieke Van de Wiele, a specialist in psychiatry from Belgium, who got in touch with us through LinkedIn. Last year, she moved to Norway together with her husband after she was offered a job at a hospital in Sandefjord. Before relocating, the couple participated in our preparing online language course and later in our Norwegian language course on campus in Budapest...

Bieke and her husband out in the nature

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