Interview with Melania, a neurologist from Hungary who works in Sweden

Interview with Melania, a neurologist from Hungary who works in Sweden

Melania, a neurologist from Hungary, started working as a neurologist in the small town of Eksjö in 2016. Before relocating, she participated in MediCarrera’s Swedish course. We talked to her to get to know a little bit more about her experience regarding the relocation process, the language course, the support from MediCarrera, and, of course, her new life in Eksjö.

How was your experience with the language course in Bucharest?

I liked the language course very much. I think we had a great teacher, Björn. Of course, it was long and challenging as it was a bit different from what I was used to until then, first medical school and then other subjects. But then I started the course and enjoyed it, both because of the language and because we learned other things about the culture, about different authors for example. It was a good experience.

How was your experience with relocating and arriving in Eksjö?

MediCarrera helped me a lot. Firstly, they provided me with a good apartment during the language course which was great. The fact that I received a salary during my education was good as well. MediCarrera also helped me with the removal to Eksjö. They found a truck that helped me move here and with all my things. Of course, I was worried also, thinking about how it would turn out and how I would cope regarding the new language and everything. But we received help and support. Both from Björn, the Swedish teacher, and the rest of the team at MediCarrera.

I have met many exciting cases here since these diseases are not centralized in other hospitals.”

How is it to work as a neurologist in Sweden?

I have learnt a lot of new things that I did not have the opportunity to work with as a neurologist in Hungary because of lack of resources. Here, current investigations can be determined and patients can be treated with different medications. In Hungary, different diseases like multiple sclerosis, for example, were centralized to be in different university hospitals. But here it is not like that. We have the opportunity to see and treat these patients in Eksjö, even though it is a small hospital. I have met many exciting cases here since these diseases are not centralized in other hospitals. In Sweden, you can also meet and treat these patients in a small hospital.

What is the best thing about working as a neurologist in Sweden?

That I get to meet such exciting cases. Process and follow them. But also that there are opportunities for training. Also, you can always consult with colleagues who work at university hospitals. My colleagues are nice and friendly and there is no hierarchy. It has been a bit difficult with the hierarchy where I worked before. But in Sweden, you are even colleagues with the boss. You get to say your opinion and you get to treat the patient according to your own knowledge, not according to the manager’s, and so on. It’s better in Sweden.

What are the differences between working as a neurologist in Hungary and Sweden?

Since I came to the medical clinic I think it has been a good atmosphere. I have kind colleagues and I enjoy coming to work at the hospital every day.

In Sweden there is a different way of working; how to divide the work during the day and how to go see the patients. Another thing is that many people are connected and involved with the patients. In Sweden, a lot of different professionals are connected, for example, nurses, speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and so on. We work in teams. 

How is it to live in Eksjö? Do you like it? 

Yes, I like living here. It is a small town and it has a special atmosphere but I think it is a cozy city. There are many opportunities and a lot to do if you want. There are nice houses and nature all around. There is always the option of going to Jönköping or going somewhere else if you want to go shopping or go to the theater or things like that.

What are the best leisure activities for you in Eksjö?

I usually exercise, I like biking for example. In the spring, me and some of my  colleagues usually go around to a few different local artists and look at the exhibitions they have at their houses. In the summer you can swim, go out for coffee and do other things like that.

What was your first impression of Sweden? And the Swedish people?

I thought everyone was so calm. You don’t stress and run all the time. You eat lunch in peace. If you just look at how people drive on the roads, it is different from in other countries. In Sweden everyone is calm, you are patient and you wait and see if someone turns right or left. You don’t blow your horn. It is very different from Hungary.

Also, in Sweden everyone is kind. You can trust the Swedes. As an example, at our hospital in Hungary, you always needed a written answer to an agreement because you weren’t sure that someone would say the same thing the next time you asked. But here, you can trust a verbal answer because the answer will not change.

Another example was during the pandemic. When they added restrictions and said you weren’t allowed to socialize or meet other people, I think the Swedes followed the restrictions very well which people did not in every country. 

We want to thank Melania for taking the time to talk to us. We wish you all the best with your profession and life in Eksjö.


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