Develop your medical career in Scandinavia for a better work-life balance.

Since 2003, MediCarrera helped more than 700 specialised doctors, nurses & dentists to start a new career in public hospitals, clinics and primary care centres in different regions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. All MediCarrera services are financed by the employer and free of charge for you and your family.

For our recruitment projects, we are usually seeking specialist doctors in the following medical specialities for work in the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish public health service.

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Learn more about working in your Speciality

There is a shortage of specialist nurses in Scandinavia which is expected to last for several years. Work as a nurse in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Family Medicine

GPs play a key role in healthcare in Scandinavia where there is a current need for specialists. Learn about family medicine in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


In Scandinavia, radiologists play a key role in the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of treatment. Find opportunities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.



There is a shortage of psychiatrists across specialties in Scandinavia. Learn more about working as a psychiatrist in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


Diagnose and treat a wide range of different gastrointestinal conditions in Scandinavia. Work as a gastroenterologist in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.