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International recruitment is a family project.

International recruitment can be a difficult and risky project. We can find and identify the candidates with the greatest potential to be successful and we give them the best possibilities to integrate quickly in their new country.

The most common reason for a failed recruitment is the fact that the partner has not been able to find an employment, or that any family member has had problems to integrate. This is the reason why we see international recruitment as a family project. If the whole family speaks the language from the beginning, they will integrate more easily, and the healthcare professional will be more likely to stay. MediCarrera offers full-time language training to partners and children in school age, and to give both partners time to study, we also provide childcare for younger children.

Since 2003, our team has selected and language trained more than 750 European specialist doctors, nurses and dentists on behalf of public hospitals, clinics and primary care centres in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Why choose MediCarrera?

1. We have a unique family concept

The smooth integration of each family member is a key point in the whole process. If everyone speaks the language from day one, they will easily adapt to the new situation/country/life and be more likely to stay. The family concept is also a way to attract experienced, yet young specialist doctors.

2. We get results

With our programme and our organisation with recruiters from ten different countries, we have the best preconditions to find a match for each medical offer. With our experience, we can identify the candidates with the right motivation, situation and attitude for a successful long-term employment. Approximately 90% of our candidates still work for the same employer after two years.

3. We have a rigorous selection process

We apply a rigorous selection process to match candidates, work places and regions. Our psychologists conduct in-depth interviews and personality assessments before the final selection.

4. We offer highly efficient language training

We have developed our language programme to be the most efficient one on the market. In fact, many of our clients also send their own recruited doctors and nurses to take our language course. Since we have a team of teachers always working side by side, we can always guarantee high standards. We give extra classes for challenged students from the start, and if our experienced teachers discover that a participant has very small possibilities to reach the required level of language in a reasonable amount of time, we always address it to the employer. We start language courses every three months.

5. We take care of all the details

Details are crucial for a successful recruitment. We solve all practical issues, from the start of the selection process to finding an apartment and applying for schools and kindergarten.

“It is easy to work with MediCarrera, they are open and broad-minded towards the needs of the clinic. MediCarrera has a comprehensive and deliberate plan for language training for the whole family. The extensive concept with language training and the coordination of everything else makes the integration in Sweden easier. We have managed to recruit competent and well-functioning specialist doctors that are now forming an important part of the Medicine clinic. These recruitments have contributed partly to lower the needs for rental doctors.”

Agneta Eckernäs-Thorell
Medicinkliniken, Blekingesjukhuset

Our candidates
Thanks to our international team and our attractive family programme, we can select candidates whose entire family meets our criteria and whose partner is a professional with good opportunities to find an employment in Sweden, Norway or Denmark.
We recruit from all European countries where there are opportunities to find qualified doctors, dentists and nurses. Currently, we select candidates in Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Important requirements: Motivation, openness and social competence for successful integration in a new country.
  • We look for: Desire for change, learning and flexibility on a professional level.
  • We evaluate: How and where a candidate has worked, the size of the clinic and candidate’s recent experience as a doctor in the work areas required by the medical job specification.



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