You might have questions about our service and about working as a doctor or nurse in Scandinavia.

What are the requirements of applying for medical job offers in Scandinavia?

In order to be able to apply for medical job offers in Scandinavia you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Be a specialist doctor, dentist or nurse
  • Be an EU citizen OR have long-term residency in one of the EU countries
  • Have your medical degree and specialist title recognised by one of the EU member countries
  • If your degree isn’t from the EU – having worked in one of the EU member countries for at least 3 years after your degree and title had been recognised
Who will pay for the expenses of the study tour?
Flight tickets and hotel costs will be paid by the future employer during the study tour. We will also organise a personal tour guide who will show you around during your stay.
Can my spouse and children accompany me on the tour?
You can bring your partner and one child if you wish, but please be aware that the visit programme is quite intensive.
Do I have a contract guaranteeing employment when I start the language course?
Every doctor, dentist or nurse starting the course will already have visited the new country and the workplace and will have had interviews with the employer and colleagues. If you are offered employment and you accept you will get a contract guaranteeing the employment on condition that you complete the language course. Your contract is always with the future employer, the public healthcare system of Sweden, Denmark or Norway, not with MediCarrera.
Do I have to pay for the course or any other service of MediCarrera?
No. MediCarrera works on behalf of the public healthcare systems in Scandinavia and all our services are free for the doctors, dentists and nurses and their families.
Is it possible to learn Swedish, Norwegian or Danish in five-six months?
Yes, if you put a lot of effort into the introductory internet course as well as in the intensive course, you will have a good enough level to be able to start your employment and communicate with colleagues and patients. During the first months in your new job as a doctor, you will usually not have your own patients so you will have time to practice understanding and step by step get in to the job.
Do all participants manage to reach the required level in five-six months?
If any participant needs extra support to learn the language we normally detect that within the first month and we will organise extra classes to help that person complete the course according to objectives. Some doctors need to study one or two extra months, with the same financial arrangements, before being able to start working. The objective is to give every doctor, nurse or dentist the support he or she needs to be able to start.
What is the language course like for the other family members?
The spouses and children of school age will also be given an intensive course, though, naturally, with a different focus from the doctor’s/dentist’s/nurse’s course. The younger children will be taken care of by Scandinavian-speaking staff in our kindergarten. The kindergarten is open 8.15 to 16.45 to make it possible for both parents to complete their intensive courses.
What is the apartment like during the course?
All participants will have a furnished apartment within walking distance of the course centre.
At the start, what kind of apartment will I be able to rent in Sweden, Norway or Denmark?
When the course begins we will start to look for your first rental apartment in Sweden, Norway or Denmark. You will participate in the process and we try to find as good alternatives as possible. The average standard of apartments is high and normally we have no problem finding a suitable first apartment, close to work and schools. Some live in the first apartment for years whereas others change after a year, usually because they prefer to buy a house.
Can you help my spouse to find work?
If the spouse is working as a doctor, nurse or dentist we can help with contacts and lay out the possibilities. In other cases, we will help you with contacts with the public employment service. You must be realistic when estimating the time it will take for your partner to find work in Scandinavia, depending on their profession. In some professions, it will mean starting all over again.
Will I get help to apply for medical degrees and with other practical issues?
Yes. During the intensive language course, we will assist you with the applications for medical and specialist degrees, with finding an apartment to rent and organising the transport of furniture and goods. We will also apply for schools, kindergarten and residency and solve other practical issues.
Can I bring my pet?
Yes, you can with certain conditions. For more information about this subject see these links:

Sweden   Norway   Denmark

Can I bring my car?
Yes, you can, but registering a foreign car in Scandinavia is quite expensive. Many of our candidates decide to sell their car and buy a new one in Sweden, Norway or Denmark. For more information on the topic see these links:

Sweden   Norway   Denmark

What is the cost of living in Scandinavia?
Scandinavia is an expensive expat destination and the cost of living is high, even by European standards. Eating out, utilities and petrol are especially pricey. Luckily, wages are high to balance out the high cost of goods and services.

The estimated cost of living depends on the city, and of course on the individual person. The cost of living in Scandinavia will vary depending on your lifestyle and habits. Many services in Scandinavia such as medical treatment are paid for via taxes and the welfare system. For more information see these links:

Sweden   Norway   Denmark

What are the taxes in Scandinavia?
Taxation in Sweden: Generally, an individual is considered a resident of Sweden for the purposes of the Swedish individual income taxation if they have a real home in Sweden. Тhe Swedish Tax Agency’s opinion is that an individual who regularly stays overnight in Sweden in a consecutive six‐month period should be considered as a resident in Sweden. A person who has previously been living in Sweden and keeps essential ties to Sweden, such as e.g. a house, family members, business and/or substantial investments after moving from Sweden is also considered as a tax resident of Sweden. Generally, the burden of proof is on the individual to substantiate their non-resident status for the next five years following departure.

Swedish tax residents are liable for income tax on their employment income regardless of where it is derived from. The cash principle applies which means that income is generally taxable upon receipt. Generally all earnings, including benefits in kind, from an employer to an employee are reportable and taxable as income from employment. Taxable income includes salary, bonus payments, allowances, stock options and housing benefits. The tax rates ranges from 31% up to approximately 56‐58% (depending on municipality).

Wikipedia – taxation in Sweden

Taxation in Norway: Taxes are calculated based on a table depending on your income as well as any loans and interest paid related to your loans. In general, tax on base salary ranges between 36% and 48%.

Wikipedia – taxation in Norway

Taxation in Denmark: The tax depends on the overall financial situation of the individual (loans, extra income, etc). However, a general benchmark for income tax for high earners (which doctors are) is approximately 50%. Although this may seem extremely high, keep in mind that Denmark is a well-developed welfare state and that all schools, hospital services, etc are free.

Wikipedia – taxation in Denmark

Do I have to start with my own patients from the first day?
No, you will take part in an introductory programme. During the first three months, you will also continue your language studies two days a week. You will start with your own patients when your tutor and you agree that you are ready to do so.

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