Your path to a medical career in Scandinavia

The whole process explained in 4 minutes, watch the video:

Moving to another country can provide you and your family with outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development. A new career, a new lifestyle and new challenges can also be very stressful if not carefully managed.

We would like to be your career advisor, guiding you through the whole process from assessing your possibilities based on your professional medical experience, interests and expectations, through offering a suitable position, signing a contract and beyond. We accompany you until the day you arrive in your new country and start to work.


From your registration to the interview with your future employer and the guarantee of employment, learn all about the first steps of the process.


Our intensive, free language course includes the whole family and provides kindergarten for the youngest. Learn about the course duration, conditions and remuneration.


Our relocation team helps you start your new life in Scandinavia. We offer financial help and assistance in finding a new house, school and kindergarten.

"My work as a doctor looks quite different today than in the past. Today I have time to consult books regarding theory, the internet and so forth. I never had time for that before. I have more time for patients and I feel that I can be a better psychiatrist for them. I do not need to take a lot of extra shifts to earn more money either."


Psychiatrist from Slovakia
working in Denmark

Have a look at our current job opportunities for doctors and nurses, learn about the working conditions and how MediCarrera can assist you on your path to a career in Scandinavian public healthcare.