Our intensive, free language course for the whole family is key to a quick integration into a new country. The first step is an on-line preparing course, and the second step is an on-site intensive course.

It is important for us to prepare the whole family for the move to a new country; that is why the whole family is included in our language programme. With the MediCarrera programme, every family member will speak the language from the first day in their new country.

If there is an exception for any of the offerings regarding the kindergarten and language course for children, this information will be provided before the study tour.

The Intensive Course
The intensive course lasts 17-20 weeks, depending on the country and the language level required. It provides you with the knowledge and vocabulary needed to communicate with your future colleagues and patients.

The courses begin four to five times per year. They are held in our international course centres where we have trained more than 500 doctors, nurses and dentists in medical language from Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal and Spain since 2003.

We offer
  • Free course
  • Flight tickets for the whole family.
  • Free apartment with furniture.
  • Each doctor or dentist who has a signed guarantee of employment will get an allowance of 800 EUR during the intensive course. The nurses will get an allowance of 600 EUR.
  • Children will be offered the language course and the youngest will be in kindergarten at the same time.
  • Help with the application for the medical degrees, finding your first home, as well as finding schools and kindergarten and organising the transport of furniture.
Learn more about the first steps of the process and how our relocation team helps you start your new life in Scandinavia.