With 20 years of experience and helping more than 800 doctors and nurses to a new career in Scandinavia, we have developed the most efficient courses on the market. We offer both campus and online learning options.

It is important for us to prepare the whole family for the move to a new country; that is why the whole family is included in our language program. With the MediCarrera program, every family member will speak the language from the first day in the new Scandinavian country.

If there is an exception for any of the offerings regarding the kindergarten and language course for children, this information will be provided before the study tour.

The Most Efficient Way

Our campus course is the most efficient way to learn the language as it offers a more extensive practice outside class hours. On our courses in Budapest and Spain you will have a good peer support and make friends with future colleagues.

If you have children, they will participate in our fulltime language course for children at campus ensuring a smooth transition into their future school. Your partner will study in the partner group and can start looking for an employment immediately after arriving in Scandinavia.

If you for some reason can not join the campus course, don’t worry – we can offer you the same intensive course, but online. In addition to our intensive full time courses, we offer flexible part time online courses to meet the varying needs of our participants.

We offer

  • A free full time language course for all family members and kindergarten for the youngest children.
  • An allowance during the course: €1000 for doctors and dentists with a signed guarantee of employment, and €800 for nurses.
  • If you study on campus we will also offer a campus apartment incl gas, electricity and wifi.

Support during the course

Our dedicated team will assist you every step of the way with:


  • Extra classes and tutoring if needed.
  • Finding you a place to live and school/kindergarten enrollment for children.
  • Help with all practicalities as social security number, medical card, bank account and the authorization to work as a doctor/nurse.
  • Help to your spouse with sources for job search.
Learn more about the first steps of the process and how our relocation team helps you start your new life in Scandinavia.