Our relocation team helps you start your life in Scandinavia. We offer assistance in finding a new house, school and kindergarten.

Before and during the intensive training, we solve all practical issues around the move to Scandinavia in close consultation with you and your family. We make an overall assessment of the dwelling, district, schools, and services to match it with your family’s wishes.
Our objectives
  • Find a home for you and your family that matches your wishes as much as possible.
  • Ensure that the children have a place in school or daycare as soon as possible after arrival.
  • Apply for authorizations and specialist certificates so that you have them before you leave our course.
  • Assistance in filling in residency documents.
  • Organise and purchase travel and transport of furniture in the most cost-effective way possible.
  • Inform about home insurance, the application for ID cards/social security/tax certificates, when to order telephone/internet installation etc., as it is helpful to know about these things from the start.
  • Help partners with initial contacts in Scandinavia.

"We got all the help we needed from MediCarrera; with paper­work, transport arrange­ment, finding housing, enrolment in kinder­garten and so on. We arrived in Sweden by plane around the time that our things arrived by lorry, so the timing was good. As the apart­ment had been reserved two months before­hand we were able to move in immediately."


Radiologist from Romania
working in Sweden

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