From our doctors’ experiences to valuable information and advice about living and working in Scandinavia.

Why Should You Work as a Nurse in Sweden?

It is estimated that the demand for nurses will increase by 40% in 2030 whereas the number of nurses will only increase by 20%, which will result in a gap that needs to be filled. Learn about the benefits of working as a nurse in Sweden.
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Why Should You Work as a GP in Sweden?

A recent study shows that Sweden ranks number 1 in consultation time spent per patient in primary care. Find out what are the other benefits of working as a general practitioner in Sweden.
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How to Get a Job in Scandinavian Public Healthcare

Scandinavian countries are known for their advanced healthcare systems as well as very good working conditions and professional growth opportunities for doctors. If you’re interested in job opportunities in Scandinavian healthcare, follow these five steps.
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Erika, a GP From Hungary Working in Sweden

Erika is a family medicine specialist from Hungary. In January 2018 she moved to Vetlanda, Sweden with her husband and three children after she was offered a position at the local primary care center.
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Swedish GPs have 22.5 minutes per patient

A recent study shows that Swedish GPs top the list in time dedicated to each patient with an average time of 22.5 minutes per patient. This is mainly due to a very including doctor-patient relationship.
Swedish GP consulting with his patient.