Valuable information, tips and advice about living and working in Scandinavia.

The Scandinavian Healthcare System

Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are well known for their advanced and modern healthcare, but what’s so special with the Scandinavian healthcare system?...

scandinavian healthcare system

Main requirements to apply to our permanent positions in Scandinavia

To be eligible to apply to any of our permanent positions in Scandinavia there are some main requirements that you need to fulfill. The quality of healthcare in Scandinavia is very high, and many people are tempted to relocate to Sweden, Denmark, or Norway to work as medical specialists.

healthcare permanent positions in scandinavia

MediCarrera’s Study Tours – differences during the pandemic

A critical step towards a career in Scandinavia in our recruitment process is the Study Tour. After the registration, an interview with us, and contact with your references, it's time for the study tour. The selected candidates are invited to be interviewed by the future employer...

MediCarrera’s Study Tours

Scandinavian traditions and celebrations you don’t want to miss

What do you know about Scandinavian traditions and celebrations? They are many, and we are pretty sure that you’re going to be more curious once you’ve found out about them. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark share cultural and historical endowments. The Scandinavian countries have a unique heritage...

Swedish maypole on Swedish Midsummer

Working as a doctor in Sweden during COVID-19

What is it like working as a doctor in Sweden, a country well known for its organized and modern healthcare system, during COVID-19? In the middle of a pandemic, we take a closer look at the Swedish Medical Association’s information regarding the current work as a doctor in Sweden...

Working as a doctor in Sweden during COVID-19

Scandinavia’s COVID-19 measures

Every country has its strategies and measures when doing its best to overcome the coronavirus. The Scandinavian countries all have their ways of protecting their citizens and ensuring that the infection does not spread further. We take a closer look at Scandinavia's COVID-19 measures to give you a better idea of what the situation looks like in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark at the moment...

Scandinavia's COVID-19 measures

5 benefits of finding healthcare jobs with MediCarrera

There are many benefits of finding healthcare jobs with MediCarrera. Moving to another country can provide you and your family with outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development, and we're here to accompany you from the first day of the process until the day you arrive in your new country and start to work...

5 benefits of finding healthcare jobs with MediCarrera

Beautiful places in Scandinavia where you can work with MediCarrera

There are many breathtakingly beautiful places in Scandinavia which makes it hard to choose only one as the most beautiful. We are very happy to operate and being able to offer vacancies in some of these beautiful places, all over Sweden, Norway, and Denmark...

Beautiful places in Scandinavia where you can work with MediCarrera

MediCarrera’s Family Concept

Did you know MediCarrera has its family concept and that our team helps you start your life in Scandinavia? We offer assistance during the entire process of finding a new house, school, and kindergarten, among many other things. For us, it’s crucial to prepare the whole family for their new life in the new country...

MediCarrera's Family Concept

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