5 benefits of finding healthcare jobs with MediCarrera

5 benefits of finding healthcare jobs with MediCarrera

There are many benefits of finding healthcare jobs with MediCarrera. First of all, we have many years of experience working in public hospitals, clinics, and primary care centers. We have several healthcare vacancies in Scandinavia, which means we can offer you positions in a professional and friendly working environment. MediCarrera also provides free language courses for the whole family, childcare on campus, and relocation.

Moving to another country can provide you and your family with outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development, and we’re here to accompany you from the first day of the process until the day you arrive in your new country and start to work. Below you can read more about five benefits of finding healthcare jobs with help from MediCarrera.

Our experience

We have collected insights and improved our process to achieve satisfactory results through our 17 years of experience working on behalf of public hospitals, clinics, and primary care centers in different regions in Scandinavia. Our recruitment team has recruiters and psychologists covering many languages and ensuring every candidate has a contact person from the start and committed through the entire journey. Our teams work together to make the candidates and their family’s journey go as smoothly as possible.

Here you can read more about our team.

Why Scandinavia?

A career in Scandinavian health­care combines a higher quality in your pro­fessional and family life. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are all countries being well-known for their high standard of living, the robust welfare system, a healthy balance between work and private life, and, last but not least, breathtaking landscapes.

Smooth process

From your registration to the interview with your future employer and the guarantee of employment, we guarantee you a smooth and easy-going approach. A new career, a new lifestyle, and new challenges can be very stressful if not carefully managed. That’s why we’re here to help and support you. We want to be your career advisor, guiding you by assessing your possibilities based on your professional medical experience, interests, and expectations by offering a suitable position, signing a contract, etc. We accompany you during the whole process until the day you arrive in your new country and start to work.

You can read more about our process and its first steps here and our relocation support here.

Family Concept

We believe that the smooth integration of each family member is a crucial point in the whole process. If everyone speaks the language from day one, they will quickly adapt to the new situation, country, and life, and be more likely to stay. The family concept is also a way to attract experienced yet young specialist doctors. As we aim to take care of the whole family during the process, children will also be attending the language course. The youngest will be provided a space in kindergarten at the same time. 

In this previous blog post, we give you a more detailed explanation of our family concept. Also, you get the chance to learn more about our childcare on the campus.

When the relocation to Scandinavia begins to approach, among many things, MediCarrera helps you finding schools and kindergarten for the children as well as new jobs for the spouses.

Language course

As mentioned earlier, we work based on a family concept. Due to this, we need to prepare the whole family for the move to a new country. Because of that, the entire family is included in our language program.

We have developed our language program to be the most efficient one on the market. Many of our clients also send their own recruited doctors and nurses to take our language course. Since we have a team of teachers always working side by side, we can always guarantee high standards. Our language courses are held in our international course centers, where our teachers have trained hundreds of doctors, nurses, and dentists in medical language – candidates from all over Europe.

Our intensive language courses are in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. They last about 17-20 weeks, depending on the country and the language level required. It provides you with the knowledge and vocabulary needed to communicate with your future colleagues and patients. Learning a new language may seem challenging, but we are here to support you from day one. Once you know it, you will have many opportunities.
If you want to read more about our language courses, you can do so here.


As you might have started to realize, finding healthcare jobs with MediCarrera is very beneficial. We provide you with help and support during the whole process. We firmly believe that moving to Scandinavia can offer you and your family outstanding opportunities for everyone.

If you are interested in a medical career in Sweden, Norway, or Denmark and want to relocate with our help, please contact us.

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