Main requirements to apply to our healthcare permanent positions in Scandinavia

Main requirements to apply to our healthcare permanent positions in Scandinavia

To be eligible to apply to any of our healthcare permanent positions in Scandinavia there are some main requirements that you need to fulfill. The quality of healthcare in Scandinavia is very high, and many people are tempted to relocate to Sweden, Denmark, or Norway to work as medical specialists or nurses. Are you one of them? We don’t blame you! Continue reading to find out if you meet all the requirements.

Why relocate to Scandinavia?

The Scandinavian countries are well known for their advanced healthcare systems. Thanks to excellent technology and high-quality medical care, they are also known for their good working conditions and professional growth opportunities. In these countries, work-life balance is important and healthcare is
constantly striving for improvement.

Year after year, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are at the top of many of the ranking lists when it comes to being the best country to live in. As well, the Scandinavian countries are all at the top of many ranking lists when it comes to gender equality. The result of different aspects such as support from the government, progressive childcare, and parental leave laws. The Nordic countries are also very family-friendly and known for having generous parental leave policies, something that attracts many families with children.

Main requirements to apply

The main requirements to apply to MediCarrera’s permanent positions in Scandinavia are divided into two different sections.

  • EU citizen or providing a long-term residency: As a citizen of a European country or if you have a long-term residency in any of the EU member countries, the only requirement is for you to be a specialist doctor, dentist, or Bsc nurse and have at least 2-3 years of experience in one of these countries. 
  • Non-EU citizen: If you are not an EU citizen and/or your degree and title are not from an EU country, you must have your medical degree and specialist title homologated in any of the EU countries and have worked at least 2-3 years in any of the EU member countries after your degree and title had been recognized.

If you’re uncertain whether your country counts as a European country or a European member country or not, take a look at the official website of The European Union.

Are you ready to apply for a permanent position in Scandinavia?

In MediCarrera, we have almost 20 years of experience helping healthcare professionals and their families relocate to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. What makes us really happy is when we talk to them again, after giving them some time to settle down in their new countries, and they tell us how happy they are. We have gathered some interviews with professionals that live in Scandinavia after applying with us. Take a look here if you want inspiration!

As mentioned before, the Scandinavian countries have very advanced healthcare systems, and they strive to improve continuously. We offer a free language course for you and your family to obtain a C1 level of the language before moving to your new country.

Make sure you meet all the requirements to apply to our healthcare permanent positions in Scandinavia. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the requirements or the application process. We’re happy to help you!

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