Working as an Anaesthesiologist in Sweden

Due to the lack of anaesthesiologists in Sweden, we are searching for European doctors to work in this field. In Sweden, anaesthesiology is a medical speciality encompassing perioperative care, anaesthetics, intensive care and pain medicine.

Anaesthesiology is one of the biggest clinical specialities in Sweden today.

The speciality includes patient care in the pre-hospital, perioperative (pre-operative risk analysis and treatment planning), intraoperative, post-operative care, care of critically ill patients (intensive care medicine), pain management (acute and chronic pain patients) as well as transport and care of critically ill patients between hospitals. The subject of anaesthesia and intensive care medicine has contact with a broad range of patients and almost all clinical hospital speciality services in the modern hospital setting. Anaesthesia and intensive care medicine is a rapidly developing medical speciality and continuous professional development for personnel is necessary.

Working as an Anaesthesiologist in Norway

For many years, thousands of foreign doctors have been working in Norway. Though, due to a chronical shortage, the country has been eager to attract doctors from abroad to fill vacant positions in the constantly expanding healthcare industry.

In Norway, two occupational groups have the anaesthesia education – anaesthesiologists and nurse anaesthetists. The formal educations of the two groups differ, but they overlap and complement each other in everyday work.

In Norway, anaesthesiologists are also responsible for advanced pain treatment, intensive treatment of severely ill patients, and emergency medicine. Therefore, anaesthesiologists must have broad medical knowledge and skills, since the anaesthesiologist in pre-hospital care will be the only doctor carrying out the treatment of acute, serious illnesses and injuries. Anaesthesiologists do their job mostly in hospitals, working closely with physicians from other disciplines in cross-departmental work.

Working as an Anaesthesiologist in Denmark

Anaesthesiology in Denmark is a medical speciality with four main features: Anaesthesia, intensive care, resuscitation and treatment of patients with acute illness within hospitalisation (præhospitalsbehandling), and pain management. There are about 1200 anaesthesiologists working in Denmark with a standard working week of 37 hours.

Most anaesthesiologists are employed in hospitals functioning within the broader field of anaesthesiology while some work with specific areas. Anaesthesiology is first and foremost a hospital speciality, but there are specialised physicians practices outside hospitals. In hospitals, the specialist in anaesthesiology is responsible for the preparation, execution and subsequent monitoring during anaesthesia.

In Denmark, multidisciplinary intensive medicine has always been part of the anaesthesiology speciality. In other countries, this field is often covered by other specialities.


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