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Working as a Pathologist in Sweden

Working as a pathologist in Sweden, you will deal with conditions at the levels of organs, tissues, cells and molecules, integrating subjects such as anatomy, histology, physiology, immunology and cell and molecular biology to understand causes and mechanisms for development and progression of various disease conditions.

As the subject is subsequently cross-boundary in its character, especially in treating various types of cancer, inflammatory and immunological conditions, you will need to work in close cooperation with other specialist doctors.

Research in pathology in Sweden is mainly linked to the clinical diagnostic services in clinical pathology and cytology, which are part of laboratory medicine. Clinical samples are extensively used for research purposes, and an increasing number of samples are stored in biobanks for future analysis.

Working as a Pathologist in Norway

In Norway, very much like in any other country, pathology is a key role for patient diagnosis, treatment and prognosis assessment. The daily work in Norway is mostly about pathological anatomy and histology. Among other things, pathologists working in Norway diagnose almost all cancer and types of cancer in patients. 

Working as a Pathologist in Denmark

Danish healthcare system will have the opportunity to conduct researches and studies based on clinical and diagnostic conditions. Most of a pathologist’s roles in Denmark is related to cancer diagnosis or autoimmune, inflammatory and degenerative diseases, so a good attitude towards collaborating and closely working with other specialist doctors is required.