Interview with Silvia, an internal medicine specialist in Sweden

Interview with Silvia, an internal medicine specialist in Sweden

In 2018, Silvia, from Italy, was offered a job as an internal medicine specialist in Sweden. After deciding to accept the offer, she and her husband Daniel, from Spain, participated in our language course in Calafell. The couple moved permanently to campus with their two children, who went to kindergarten while the parents were studying. After finishing the Swedish language course, the family moved to Gävle, where they still live today. We have asked Silvia about her and her family’s experience with MediCarrera, the language course, and what it’s like starting a new life in a new country. We also asked her about her first impression of Sweden and Swedes.

How did you and your family get in touch with MediCarrera?
We got in touch with MediCarrera through the Internet.

How did you experience the preparatory language course online?
A little hard because I still worked in Italy and had a lot to fix before moving to Calafell.

How did you experience the language course in Calafell?
Very well organized, friendly teachers and friends.

What was it like studying and living in Calafell?
Very nice experience. We have met many new friends! Calafell is a great place to stay at and to study: the sea, the sun, calm.. perfect for families with young children.

How did your husband experience the language course in Calafell?
He also enjoyed it.

What was it like living on campus with toddlers?
It went well, they had kindergarten in the same place where we had the language course, and it was easy to combine everything.

What did the children do during the day?
Kindergarten in the afternoon, and then we were pretty much out on playgrounds, on the beach, also with other families.

How do you think the collaboration with MediCarrera has worked?
Good. We got the help we needed, and the staff has been friendly and patient all the time.

What was it like moving to a new country with toddlers?
Not easy, of course. They need time to adapt to the situation and adults too! You need to expect it to take time until you get used to everything and feel at “home”.

How do your husband and children thrive in Sweden?
Good, they are satisfied and happy that we have moved to Sweden. Since the beginning, it has been difficult for them too. Everything was new and different.

What are the best and worst things about Sweden?
The best thing is that it is possible to combine family and work in the right way. Also, Sweden is a safe and pleasant country. The worst is the weather and darkness in the winters!

What is it like to live in Gävle?
It is a cozy and quiet town; it suits us well as a family with small children.

Do you and your family have any hobbies?
To be out in nature, to watch movies together, and to meet friends.

What was your first impression of Sweden and Swedes?
Swedes are kind and friendly, but it is not easy to create relationships. It takes time! There are social and cultural differences with Southern European countries that make it difficult to understand each other initially.

What is it like to work as an internal medicine specialist in Sweden?
I like it, it is quite well organized, and there is a chance to develop and learn.

What do you think are the most significant differences between Sweden and Italy when it comes to your work?
There is much more opportunity to further their education in Sweden to influence and improve their workplace. It feels like you have many options to advance in your career. The work environment is generally favorable.

How did you experience the first time at your new job?
It was good but challenging! It was challenging to understand the patients when they talked and to enter the system.

How does the collaboration with your colleagues work?
It works well. My colleagues have always helped me!

Do you often face new challenges at work?

At work, where do you see yourself in five years?
I want to further my education, so I am planning another specialty.

We want to thank Silvia for taking her time to answer our questions. We are so happy to see that she and her family are doing great in Sweden.  MediCarrera wishes her good luck in the future and with her further education.

If you are interested in making the same journey and working as a medical specialist in Scandinavian healthcare, please contact us.

The woman in the profile picture is not Silvia.

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