Interview with the Emergency Department nurse Tilda

Interview with the Emergency Department nurse Tilda

Tilda Nordström is a 24 years old Emergency Department nurse who works in Norrland University Hospital, in Umeå, in the north of Sweden. She has studied nursing at Umeå University and completed her education in January 2019. Immediately after graduating at the beginning of last year, she started working in that Emergency Department, where she still thrives very well today.

We have talked to Tilda to find out more about her exciting profession, not least in these times (COVID-19). We were curious and wanted to know everything about working as an Emergency Department nurse during a prevailing pandemic. Also, we asked her how well she knows the work of a locum nurse. Tilda gave us many exciting answers to our questions. 

What is it like to work in the emergency room?

Stimulating. We take care of patients of all ages and with all different disease states. None day is the same; you must always be ready to shift up.

Do you like your job?

I like my job very much!

What is the best thing about your job?

That it is so varied makes it difficult to get tired of it. I learn something new every work shift and always feel that I have the opportunity to develop. I also work with a group of colleagues like no other, who are always there to support.

Do you know what it is like to work as a locum nurse?

I can’t say that I know that much, more than that you usually work shorter periods in different departments/receptions where there is a need. At the Emergency Department, we hardly have anyone working as a locum; I have therefore not been able to get any increased insight that way yet.

How has it been/is it to work with emergency care during COVID-19?

It has been special. At first, we went from working in one way to another overnight, which was a real change. The whole logistics changed since we had to change our way of thinking quickly. We have also built a brand new emergency room and triage tent during the first part of the pandemic. I am impressed with how we as a workplace, made such a significant change in a very short time!

What is the biggest difference with your work if you compare the situation before COVID-19 with the current situation?

Actually, it is the same type of care we provide, it is everything around that has changed.

What “protective equipment” do you usually have?

When working close to patients without an increased risk of infection, we use short-sleeved plastic aprons and gloves.

What “protective equipment” do you have today, under COVID-19?

When we work with Covid-19 patients or who we consider being at high risk of having it, we use a long-sleeved plastic apron, gloves, protective hat, and either Facemask-90 or visor and mouthguard.

What is it like to work in this equipment, is it extra heavy?

It is sweaty! It’s more like a greenhouse with the long-sleeved plastic aprons and the visor misting again. Facemask-90 is suitable to work with (you have to tighten them in the right way otherwise, the headache will come). At least I feel safe with that equipment, which is very important!

Emergency Department nurse Tilda in her protective equipment

Tilda Nordström wearing her protective equipment under COVID-19 with her long-sleeved plastic apron and face mask-90.

Is there anything you want to say to the public that might be good to think about in these times?

Hold on a little longer! It is tough, but it feels unnecessary to pull out of the pandemic more than necessary.

We thank Tilda for taking the time of answering our questions and wish her and her colleagues all the best with the incredible work they do every day, not just in these difficult times. Thanks so much!

If you are interested to learn more about how is the work of a nurse in Sweden, you can also read this interview with a nurse we recruited recently. Also, you can read more about the locum positions we have here or contact us directly via email. We understand that the work as a locum nurse is easily associated with shorter assignments in different departments, but the fact is that it doesn’t always have to be that way. We offer both long and short, plus we do everything we can to find a solution that suits you. 

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