Interview with Bieke, a specialist in psychiatry in Norway

Interview with Bieke, a specialist in psychiatry in Norway

We interviewed Bieke Van de Wiele, a specialist in psychiatry from Belgium, who got in touch with us through LinkedIn. Last year, she moved to Norway together with her husband after she was offered a job at a hospital in Sandefjord. Before relocating, the couple participated in our preparing online language course and later in our Norwegian language course on campus in Budapest. 

We talked to Bieke about her experience with the process, which obviously was affected by the pandemic, and MediCarrera as a company. Read more about her experience:

How did you experience the preparatory language course online?

Positive. A big plus: our experienced teacher. She also provided practical information about the language course in Budapest, our stay in Hungary, and what to expect in Norway.

How did you experience the language course on campus?

Positive. But because of COVID-19, we started with an online course in March. This wasn’t ideal. I’m sure that it had an impact on our language skills. But MediCarrera had no other solution because of the pandemic.

What was it like to study and live on campus?

The first ten weeks before COVID-19, we lived in a small apartment. We had almost no natural light, we couldn’t ventilate the apartment, and we had only one small kitchen table, so one of us needed to study on the sofa. This wasn’t ideal. So we would not recommend that apartment. But because of COVID-19, the other couple left Hungary so we could follow the online course in their apartment. We were grateful that MediCarrera let us stay there.

How did your partner experience living and studying at campus?

We were grateful that my husband and I could follow the course together.

How do you think the collaboration with us has worked?

Positive. I knew that I could count on Amanda and MediCarrera. We can only praise Amanda! Especially with all the COVID-19 restrictions. She did an amazing job.

Bieke and her husband out in the nature

Bieke and her family.

How is your partner doing in the new country?

The hospital offered my husband a job. So he is doing fine. He likes his new life.

What are the best and worst things about Norway?

The best thing about it is the way of living, and the worst thing is the waiting time f.eks. to register in Norway, to open a bank account, to have internet…

What is it like to live in your new city?

Relaxing. We have more free time together, and we like to spend that time outdoors.

What were your first impression of the new country and the inhabitants there?

Positive. People are friendly and helpful, and the nature is amazing. The first time in the grocery store, we were surprised about the prices. But now are we used to the high costs, and because the quality of the food is high, we don’t mind.

What is it like to work as a specialist in psychiatry in Norway?


What do you think are the most significant differences between your new country and your home country when it comes to your work?

Psychiatry 2.0: more evidence-based, more respect, and more patient-empowerment in a multidisciplinary team.

How did you experience the first weeks of your new job?

I felt welcome and supported.

How does the collaboration with your colleagues work?

Fantastic. I have amazing colleagues.

Do you often face new challenges at work?

Only positive ones.

At work, where do you see yourself in five years?

At the same place.

We want to thank Bieke for taking her time to answer our questions. We wish her and her family good luck in the future! If you’re interested and want to know more about what it’s like living and working in Scandinavia, please contact us. 

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