Why 2019 is the Best Year to Develop Your Medical Career in Scandinavia?

BY: Anda Stoicescu, Recruitment Team Leader & Psychologist at MediCarrera

Moving to another country can provide you and your family with outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development. Scandinavia is well-known as a family friendly society and for its advanced healthcare, which ensures both the medical professionals with good working conditions and patients with high-quality medical care. It’s a great place to develop your medical career. Here are some quick facts about Sweden, Denmark and Norway:


  • 1611 hours – that’s how many (few) the average Swede works in a year
  • it’s a booming population in the last 100 years (more and more people choose Sweden as their home)
  • 54% of energy comes from renewables
  • parents have 480 days of parental leave
  • 99% of Sweden’s waste is recycled


  • full-time workers devote 66% of their day to leisure, which is above the OECD average of 62%
  • over 20% of electricity comes from renewable energy; the goal is to reach 100% by 2050
  • the country scores well on the World Economic Forum’s gender equality index
  • only 2% of employees work long hours compared to the OECD average of 13 %
  • there is a sustainable bicycle culture


  • has one of the lowest income inequality according to OECD
  • the country will be carbon neutral by 2030
  • mothers can take 35 weeks at full pay or 45 weeks at 80% pay, and fathers can take between zero and 10 weeks depending on their wives’ income
  • education for all is the basic principle of the Norwegian education system
  • average workers tend to stay in the same job for years without any serious threat of losing their job

Let us help you work in advanced healthcare systems with modern hospital infrastructures, grow professionally and find a good work-life balance. Here’s why, without further delay, you should consider moving to Scandinavia and developing your medical career there in 2019:


1. Advanced healthcare systems


The healthcare systems in Scandinavian countries are among the best in the world. Sweden, Denmark and Norway are all ranking within the top 10 worldwide for healthcare. Most hospitals have modern equipment for medical professionals to work with, while the overall structure is very advanced. A lot of hospitals are equipped with high-end IT solutions that reduce the chance of errors. This innovative approach to IT makes it easier to treat each patient by knowing their entire health history.

2. Career development possibilities

  Scandinavian countries are among the most developed ones when it comes to equality. The flat hierarchy gives medical professionals a great opportunity for both growth and responsibility. It’s necessary for each person to take his share of the workload, to be independent and make wise choices on their own. If they do so they will be rewarded and recognized. Training is much more extensive in Scandinavia. It takes place while the doctors are working, so no time gets wasted, while they get the opportunity to grow professionally and learn new things. You can get support from your superiors for pursuing further training which results both in professional satisfaction and career development.  

3. Good work-life balance

  You have probably heard about the famous Scandinavian work-life balance. It means you work fewer hours and have more time for your private life and family. Life in Scandinavia is all about quality and family is high on their priority list. This prevents potential burn-outs and gives medical professionals the energy to dedicate themselves to every single patient. Many of our successfully placed doctors emphasize the work-life balance when sharing their experience of relocating to Scandinavia.
You have probably heard about the famous Scandinavian work-life balance. It means you work fewer hours and have more time for your private life and family. Life in Scandinavia is all about quality and family is high on their priority list.

4. Family-friendly societies

  Scandinavian societies have a positive attitude toward family life and family priority. Employers are very understanding if you have to pick up your children at 4 PM. This attitude allows parents to spend more time with their children which is a huge benefit for many considering the move. Scandinavian countries rank highly for quality of life and family life indexes. Long parental leaves, free schooling and monthly allowances for children are just some of the benefits. Scandinavian societies really invest in its residents.  

5. Financial security and a good working environment

  Yes, the cost of living is high in Scandinavia, but the salaries in the healthcare sector make up for it as they are much higher than in the rest of Europe. If you’re a medical professional in Scandinavia you don’t have to worry about the salary, it’s perfectly sufficient. Medical professionals work in organized, modern healthcare systems as a result of advanced technology, constant improvement and open-minded societies. The flat hierarchy in hospitals ensures a human approach. Even though everyone still has a superior, he/she will most likely informally speak to you. This type of organization results in a relaxed and open atmosphere, where different specialists work together and benefit from each other’s experiences. If you’re interested in relocating to Scandinavia and developing your medical career, register here!
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