Best countries to live in 2020


Every year a dozen studies are made to find out which are the best countries to live in and this year is not an exception. Thanks to surveys from 2020 and the results we can conclude that the Scandinavian nations are good countries to live in, in many aspects. According to the U.S. News, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are all at the top of many of the ranking lists.

In MediCarrera we work with recruitment of medical specialists who want to grow their careers in Scandinavian healthcare. These countries are all known for having well-structured and high-quality healthcare. Even if work is the main reason why specialists move to these countries, there are many more aspects to be vital for a great life.

What is important for a specialist depends on their personal situation. If the specialist is relocating together with children, family-aspects are of great importance, and questions regarding kindergarten or education can be crucial.

So, which are the best countries to live in 2020? We will take a closer look.

What are the rankings based on?

To take a closer look at the results, we will first learn a bit more about the sub ranking lists and what the requirements to be on top of them are. In the study, several country-attributes that describe a nation were identified, and the participants later assessed how they associate each of them with the countries.

All the sub rankings are based on equally-weighted average scores from various country attributes relating to a specific subject. In the text, we will mention all the country-attributes that were considered for every sub ranking.