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The recruitment process in MediCarrera is divided into different steps. Once you complete the first step, our recruitment team will match your profile to our job offers and then it’s up to the employers, clinics or hospitals, to decide if your skills match their needs. Normally, your first contact with the employer is through an online-interview to give both parts the first impression of each other. Later, the employer will decide if you will be invited for a physical interview at the clinic.

A job interview can be a high-pressure situation but with the right mindset and preparations everything will turn out good. In this blog post, we will give you some useful tips for your interview with a future employer.

We will include job interview tips for the online and physical interview that will be held at the study tour where you visit the employer for the first time.

Successful Job Interview Tips

We will go through some general tips for an interview, things that you should always keep in mind whether there is an online-interview or an interview where you have to sit face to face with the employer.

Be prepared

Being well prepared reduces the stress of an interview. Before the meeting with the employer, you should think through some facts that the interviewer might want to know about you, such as questions regarding your specialization, your experience, and the training you have had.

Below we give you some subjects to use as a guideline:

  • Tell them about yourself and why you are applying for the job.
  • Talk about your current job, your current responsibilities, and the challenges you face in your current role. Tell the employer what you like most about it.
  • Let the interviewer know what kind of professional they will get if they hire you.
  • If you have any experience working with foreign colleagues, tell them.
  • Mention your career goals, both short term, and long term.
  • Let the employer know a bit about your family’s plan for the future.
  • Talk about the changes you expect once you move to Scandinavia, both professionally and personally.
  • Mention what expectations you have regarding the language course.

In addition to questions about your specialization, the employer at the hospital might also want to make tests on techniques or methods to make sure that you know how to implement them in the work as a specialist doctor. Act professionally during the whole interview, but do not forget to let your personality shine through.

Show enthusiasm

Be positive and try to bring good energy to the meeting with the employer. Expect to be asked to talk about a bad experience, a sudden job change or weakness in your background, do not get defensive. Try to briefly focus on the facts and emphasize what you learned from the experience instead of acting negatively.


It sounds easier than it might be, but smiling makes you appear more confident and approachable, it conveys that you are someone who can get along with your peers and patients.

To calm your nerves, try to remember that you are being interviewed because the employer is genuinely interested in you and your experience. Relax and smile! This is your time to shine.


During the interview, you need to listen carefully and pay attention to the employer to be able to comprehend and answer the right questions.

Ask questions

The interviewer is not the only one allowed to ask questions, you may as well. Just know that they should be relevant. Asking relevant questions shows your interest in the job, and it allows you to get valuable information about the employer and the workplace. Also, don’t be afraid of asking for details about the position. Sometimes the employer misses explaining certain things. It is a good thing if you could remind them by asking about it.

“To calm your nerves, try to remember that you are being interviewed because the employer is genuinely interested in you and your experience.”

The online-interview

For the online-interview, there are a few other things for you to think about as well:

Think about the location

The location you chose for your online-interview is a fundamental factor to consider. Try to avoid public spaces; they might be noisy with a poor internet connection. A great idea is to set up a clean and neutral background with good lighting.

Use a headset

There are several things you can do to make the dialogue as smooth as possible. First, use a computer rather than a mobile phone, then a headset instead of using the system on the computer. Also, by using a headset, you will reduce noises from the background, and the interviewer can focus better on you and your voice.

The physical interview

Regarding the physical interview where you meet the employer in a hospital or clinic, you should focus on the following job interview tips.

Shake hands

In Scandinavia, the formal way of greeting another person is by shaking hands. A firm handshake shows confidence and strength, but be careful, a too firmed grip can be painful and, of course, is not the best way to start new business relations.

Look sharp

The dress code at job interviews in Scandinavian health care is more business casual than business formal. Also, keep in mind that the study tour can be long, so it is better to wear comfortable shoes.

Girl smiling at a job interview

With these job interview tips, you are ready to succeed. The most important thing for you to remember is to be yourself. We believe in you, good luck!

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