Our Best Job Interview Tips

The recruitment process in MediCarrera is divided into different steps. Once you complete the first step, our recruitment team will match your profile to our job offers and then it’s up to the employers, clinics or hospitals, to decide if your skills match their needs. Normally, your first contact with the employer is through an online-interview to give both parts the first impression of each other. Later, the employer will decide if you will be invited for a physical interview at the clinic.

A job interview can be a high-pressure situation but with the right mindset and preparations everything will turn out good. In this blog post, we will give you some useful tips for your interview with a future employer.

We will include job interview tips for the online and physical interview that will be held at the study tour where you visit the employer for the first time.

Successful Job Interview Tips

We will go through some general tips for an interview, things that you should always keep in mind whether there is an online-interview or an interview where you have to sit face to face with the employer.

Be prepared

Being well prepared reduces the stress of an interview. Before the meeting with the employer, you should think through some facts that the interviewer might want to know about you, such as questions regarding your specialization, your experience, and the training you have had.

Below we give you some subjects to use as a guideline:

  • Tell them about yourself and why you are applying for the job.