MediCarrera’s Family Concept

MediCarrera’s Family Concept

Did you know MediCarrera has its family concept and that our team helps you start your life in Scandinavia? We offer assistance during the entire process of finding a new house, school, and kindergarten, among many other things. For us, it’s crucial to prepare the whole family for your new life in your new country. Because of that, the entire family is also included in our language program. We do everything we can do ease the integration into their new beginning. In this blog post, you can read more about our family concept and how we’ll help you and your family.

Learning the new language

The aim of our program is that every family member will speak the language from the first day in the new Scandinavian country. To support the whole family, we offer flight tickets and a free intensive language course for every family member. You, your partner, and children will be studying full time to learn the new language. If you have small children, they’ll be well taken care of at the kindergarten meanwhile.

At campus, we have many experienced teachers working with our language courses for doctors and nurses, their partners, and children. They are taking care of all the children and teaching them Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian. The teachers are all native speakers of the Scandinavian languages.

“My husband and my two kids also participated in the language course in Budapest. The doctors and nurses had Balazs as a teacher, while partners and kids had Monica. Balazs taught us everything, he is the best teacher ever. Monica did also a very good job. My kids learned Swedish so well they could immediately start school when we moved to Sweden.”

Sonja Skrinjaric, a Nurse from Croatia working and living in Sweden together with her family.

“This made me feel calm and gave me the ability to focus on the language. The fact that a background solution was given was very important to me. My 13-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old son were studying together with my husband and they managed to get the B1 level. It was really useful that we were all learning it together because we could practice after the course as well. This made us all equally ready to start a new life in Sweden.”

Erika, a GP from Hungary working and living in Sweden together with her family.

MediCarrera’s child care staff has extensive experience from working in kindergartens and schools in Scandinavia. In this previous blog post, you can read more about how we work with childcare on our campus.

A visit to the new city

On the other hand, we will also help you find schools and kindergarten for your children, in your new country. Before the relocation, the candidate and the partner are invited to visit their new city on a so-called study tour. This visit is, among many things, a chance to get to know potential schools and kindergarten before you decide where to place your children. Flight tickets and hotel costs will be paid for the study tour.

Relocation support – everyone’s included

Before and during the language course, we solve all practical issues around the move to Scandinavia. And this, in close consultation with you and your family. We make an overall assessment of the district, schools, and services to match it with your family’s wishes.

Our relocation team helps you find a home for you and your family that matches your wishes as much as possible. We ensure that the children have a place in school or daycare as soon as possible after arrival. Our team will also assist in filling in residency documents and of course, help your partner with initial contacts in Scandinavia. 

We suddenly realized that the family inclusion was a key point both for MediCarrera and the hospitals they cooperate with. One thing was clear from the very beginning, each family member would be assisted throughout the whole process and we felt that, with their family concept, it was the right choice for us.

Moving abroad may be stressful if you don’t have the support and help of experts. Finding a new home, a new school for your children, the organization of the move to Norway, and all of the paperwork and practical issues that you may have to arrange. The help from MediCarrera was crucial for us because it’s a big change and with their support, everything was easier.“

Lukasz, a General Surgeon from Poland working and living in Sweden together with his family.

Family concept – a winning concept

Our team works together with the purpose to make the journey go as smoothly as possible for you and your entire family. We believe that our family concept is the winning concept that you are looking for.

Are you interested in working in Scandinavian healthcare and want to relocate together with your family? Register here to get more information about our processes.


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