5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Norway

BY: Ingve Groven, Account Manager Norway

Norway has knocked Denmark off the top spot, becoming the world’s happiest country in 2017. If you’ve decided to develop your medical career in Norway, MediCarrera’s staff can help you get information about the cost of living, taxation, parenting, holidays, etc. Here’s what to keep in mind:

1. Climate

The Norwegian climate is very different from the rest of Europe. The summer is all about long days and short nights, while it’s vice versa during the winter. Depending on where you are located in Norway, the climate might differ. Even though people assume Norway to be extremely cold; due to the Golf Stream the climate along all the Norwegian coast is relatively mild.

2. Work-life balance

The working schedule in Norway is known to be less demanding than in other countries across Europe. High demanding schedules make it impossible to spend enough time with a patient and in Norway, the focus is always on the patient. An average doctor in Norway works around eight hours a day which makes the work-life balance run smoothly. There are five weeks of effective holidays and overtime is paid very well. Moreover, you can choose whether you want to be paid for the overtime or take extra holidays, which most of the people do because of the relatively high taxes.

3. Norwegian culture

Norwegians don’t consider themselves unfriendly, but they can be perceived that way by people who aren’t used to being around them. They are always willing to help. However, they don’t take the initiative; you have to ask first. In general, Norwegians aren’t pushers. They won’t knock at your door without an appointment. It might take some time before you become a part of their close circle, but once you are in there, they take good care of you.

“You can choose whether you want to be paid for the overtime or take extra holidays.”

4. Hierarchy

The Norwegian healthcare system opts for a flat hierarchy in the hospitals. Even though everyone still has a superior, he/she will most likely informally speak to you, addressing you by your first name. However, keep in mind that he/she is still your boss.

5. Healthcare equipment

Most hospitals in Norway have modern equipment to work with, while the overall structure is very advanced. Moreover, the entire IT system of the hospitals in Norway is synchronized. The hospital gives patients the right to choose which doctor they want to be treated by. Norwegian hospitals are looking for doctors and nurses with broad interests and knowledge. If you are interested in career opportunities in Norway register here.

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