New Job Offers in France

New Job Offers in France

We can now announce that we have new job offers in France for healthcare professionals. The French healthcare system consists of both private and public hospitals, among other medical service providers. There are some requirements that the candidate must fulfill to work as a doctor in France. In this text, we will go deeper into these criteria and also learn more about French healthcare.

French healthcare

The French healthcare system consists of public hospitals, private hospitals, doctors, and other medical service providers. Every French citizen is provided by healthcare services, irrespective of wealth, age, or social status. The healthcare system in France is funded by obligatory health contributions levied on all salaries, and paid by employers, employees and the self-employed, by central government funding and by the patient who normally has to pay a small sum for most of the health care services that he or she receives.¹

Advantages of working in the French healthcare

  • Professional autonomy.
  • Lots of time for each patient, an average consult doesn’t usually last for longer than 20 minutes.
  • Pleasant doctor-patient interactions.
  • A wide choice of jobs within the public sector, the private sector, or a combination thereof.
  • Grants and tax-exemptions for certain areas.²
  • Good labour conditions, like a great income for instance. In France, doctors are well treated and well paid.³

Candidate criteria

In order to start working as a doctor in France, the candidate must have the nationality of one of the European countries and he or she must have received the entire medical education in one of the EU-countries.

If the candidate does not meet those two conditions, it becomes more difficult to obtain the authorization to start working in France. Only European doctors can avoid a procedure with many obstacles, including additional exams and training courses in a French hospital, and with no guarantee at all that the doctor will get the authorization one day. 

Language course

To apply to our medical jobs in France, the candidate needs to know the French language up to the B1 level. If the doctor has reached this level, he or she has to attend a Medical French language course. More information about the language courses will be given to the candidate in case he or she is chosen by the employer.

What we offer

MediCarrera offers different kinds of positions for the specialist doctor who wants to work in France. We have several medical job offers in the public sector and the private sector.

At this moment, for French healthcare, we are currently seeking doctors in multiple medical specialities such as Radiologists, Paediatricians, and Family Medicine specialists, among many other specialities.

If you want to see more of our medical job offers in France you can do so here.

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