What is MediCarrera Temp?

What is MediCarrera Temp?

MediCarrera Temp offers short-term positions for nurses and doctors in Sweden. Our program allows you to grow professionally in a modern healthcare system whilst benefiting from a very good salary and working conditions – without permanently moving from your home country. It means, you can work under different assignments, combining periods of work and also enjoying a lot of free time. You will be able to travel back home to be with your family!

The company

With over 17 years of experience from recruiting and language training nurses and doctors moving to Swedish regions and county councils, our team is also specialized in relocation. In other words, you will be in good hands with our team that will enable and help you to find a flexible lifestyle.


What we offer

  • Working schedule according to your wishes. 
  • Intensive language course to learn Swedish up to C1 level.
  • Assistance with the necessary documentation and application for the license, as well as finding accommodation in Sweden.
  • Salary depends on the number of hours you work, however temporary short term assignments are paid 25-40% more than fixed positions in Sweden.
  • Personalized career growth plan. 

As a nurse or doctor with MediCarrera Temp, you will be working in municipalities and hospitals, as well as elderly care homesYou will start every new assignment with an introduction to learning the routines and getting to know your new colleagues. Introduction days will always be included in every new assignment, however, the length of the introduction will vary depending on your needs and adaptation. After the introduction period, you will start a working schedule according to the assignment and your wishes. Our team helps and supports you along the way. 


  • Nurse title.
  • Complete our intensive language course.
  • At least 2-3 years of clinical working experience after graduation.
  • Conversational English.
  • EU citizenship OR have long-term residency in any of the EU countries.

Career growth steps 

With MediCarrera Temp you will be offered a personalized career growth plan. In the image below you can see the three different steps in the growth plan.

career growth temp

The initial salary will be 240 SEK gross salary/hour and will be paid according to Swedish law. After working one year in Swedish healthcare the salary will be 275-300 SEK gross/hour, based on performance.


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