Why Choose MediCarrera?

If you’re interested in a medical career in an advanced health care system, a good work-life balance and a family-friendly society, choosing MediCarrera offers permanent positions in the public healthcare in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We have more than 15 years of valuable experience, over 600 doctors and nurses have joined our program and 90% of them still work at the same place after two years. We also offer a free, intensive language course for the entire family to ensure quick integration into a new country, while our relocation team helps you with everything, from finding a new house, school and kindergarten to applying for authorizations and specialist certificates. Find out why to choose MediCarrera as a career advisor on your path to a medical career in Scandinavia:

1. We have a unique family concept

We see international recruitment as a family project. MediCarrera is the only company which includes the entire family in the intensive language course because the smooth integration of each family member is a key point in the process. If everyone speaks the language from day one, they will easily adapt to their new life in a new country. MediCarrera offers full-time language training to partners and children at school age. We also provide childcare for younger children to give both partners time to study.

“One thing was clear from the very beginning, each family member would be assisted throughout the whole process. We felt that, with MediCarrera’s family concept, it was the right choice for us.”

Lukasz, a general surgeon from Poland working in Norway

MediCarrera is the only company which includes the entire family in the intensive language course because the smooth integration of each family member is a key point in the process.

2. We get results

We make sure to find the best suited medical offer for your career while taking every aspect of your life into consideration and listening to your wishes carefully. The results? Approximately 90% of our candidates still work for the same employer after two years.

“I was looking for work abroad online, and MediCarrera got in touch with me. During the process, I had an interview in Sweden and a language course in Spain. I really liked MediCarrera’s staff; they helped me understand the entire process and each step in detail.”

Maria, a psychiatrist from Greece working in Sweden

3. Job offer and the invitation for a study tour

As soon as we have your CV we start to work actively to find a position for you. All your details are treated as confidential. We apply a rigorous selection process to match candidates, workplaces and regions. We organise a meeting so we can get to know each other better and hear about your expectations, motivation and professional experience. In order to present the most suitable job offer. When we found the right offer, you and your partner are invited on a study tour, where you have the interview with the future employer, see the clinic, meet the colleagues and explore the town and the region.

“The three-day study tour in Sweden was very challenging. I had to show how I would treat patients in different scenarios. The employer paid a lot of attention to my communication style and how I would handle the patients.”

Erika, a GP from Hungary working in Sweden

4. Intensive language training for the entire family

Our intensive language program is the most efficient one on the market. We have a team of teachers always working side by side so we can guarantee high standards. Our language courses last four to five months and welcome partners and children as well. We provide each family with their own apartment and an allowance to cover the costs of living. We take care of the children so that candidates can focus entirely on the language. The courses are held in Budapest, Bucharest and nearby Barcelona.

We firmly believe in the concept of ‘learning by doing’. During the course, it’s obligatory to only speak the language you are learning. This is really intense and challenging for most people but everyone is on the same level, so most of the participants feel comfortable speaking to each other. This concept is absolutely necessary to reach the language level required for the relocation.

“The language course was really structured. We had an amazing teacher, who I would like to thank for being so strict with us. It helped us a lot once we moved abroad.”

Miriam, a neurologist from Spain working in Denmark



5. Relocation – we take care of all the details

We solve all practical issues, from the start of the selection process to finding an apartment and applying for schools and kindergarten. We help you with applying for authorizations and specialist certificates so that you have them before you leave our language course. We assist you in filling in residency documents; help you with the transport and inform you about things like home insurance, the application for ID cards/social security/tax certificates. We arrange all the flight and train tickets. We tell you how to get a personal number/register in each country, and give information about banks, phone numbers etc. While we take care of all the details, you and your family can entirely focus on learning the language to achieve quicker integration once you relocate to Scandinavia.

“MediCarrera is a reliable company. The relocation was very well organized and I would like to thank MediCarrera for all the help!”

Jurijs, a surgeon from Latvia working in Denmark

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