Why Should You Work as a Psychiatrist in Scandinavia?

BY: Natalija Prokopjeva, Recruitment Consultant at MediCarrera

Scandinavian societies are known for awareness regarding mental health conditions and there is a strong focus on their prevention. Patients are more open to seek help and share their problems with psychiatrists. Learn about the benefits of working as a psychiatrist in Scandinavia:

1. Awareness and a human approach to mental health

In Scandinavia, mental health conditions are just as important and taken seriously as any other condition. The society is open-minded and aware of the importance of mental health. There is less stigma, therefore, patients seek help in earlier stages of mental health conditions.

2. The commitment of governments to focus on mental health, early diagnostics and prevention

Scandinavian governments invest in psychiatric development a lot. They also educate people so they can understand the importance of mental health. There is a strong focus on the prevention of mental health conditions.

For example, the Swedish government is strongly committed to broader accessibility of evidence-based treatment methods for all groups of psychiatric patients both in rural and urban areas. Given that nearly 20% of all suicides are amongst psychiatric inpatients, a regulation has been passed regarding the analysis of all completed suicides in the healthcare system. Results from this analysis can be used for increasing quality of treatment. The number of practising psychiatrists in Sweden has increased by around 30% over the last couple of years, which gives the patients easier access to help and more resources to detect mental problems.

“Governments educate people so they can understand the importance of mental health. There is a strong focus on the prevention of mental health conditions.”

3. Psychiatry of the future

In Denmark there is a project called “The Psychiatrists of the Future’’, where new hospitals are created or transformed into so-called super hospitals, to provide advanced psychiatric services. The aim of the project is to connect the benefits of nature and modern architecture that serves the patients in the healing process and is a great working environment for the staff.

4. A prestigious profession

In Scandinavia, psychiatry is considered a prestigious profession. To be highly specialised in a narrow area of expertise, such as forensic psychiatry, addiction psychiatry or geriatric psychiatry is very much respected.

5. Great possibilities for further development in multidisciplinary teams

Resources to support psychiatric research and further development of treatment methods are highly prioritised in Scandinavia. In general, experts cooperate in teams to maximise the results of psychiatric treatment. These teams normally consist of psychiatrists, physicians with different specialities, psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers and family therapists.

Scandinavian hospitals are looking for specialists in psychiatry with broad interests and knowledge. If you’re interested in career opportunities in Scandinavia register here.

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