Working Conditions for Medical Professionals in Denmark

Nicole Danielsen, account manager in Denmark

Due to high living standards, a strong welfare system and a healthy balance between work and private life, Denmark is known as one of the happiest countries in the world. The workplace culture is very supportive of families and the technology used in healthcare is getting more and more advanced, especially with the development of new super hospitals. We’ve made this post to tell you all about working conditions for medical professionals in Denmark.

Working in the Danish healthcare system revolves around the work-life balance, as people treasure their free time. This prevents potential burn-outs, which have negative consequences for both the patients and the doctors. It also ensures doctors and nurses have the energy and time to dedicate themselves to every single patient. Here’s what medical professionals can count on in Denmark:


1. Union agreements


Usually, wages and employment terms on the Danish labour market are regulated by collective labour agreements made by trade unions and employer associations.

Employees choose a union representative who undertakes local negotiations on wages and other work conditions with the employer. This union representative also functions as a person of trust. For example, if there is an issue with a trust related problem and a medical professional doesn’t want to speak to the immediate or direct supervisor they can confide in this contact person.

Depending on the type of employment, by law, there are three types of conversations for evaluating the workplace. The conversations are in regards to satisfaction, mid-term evaluations and further education.


2. The famous Danish work-life balance


The work-life balance in Denmark prevents potential burn-outs and gives medical professionals the energy to dedicate themselves to every single patient. There’s even a so-called 11-hour rule, which says you can never work more than 11 hours in one shift and everyone is entitled to a daily rest period of at least 11 consecutive hours.

In Denmark, all medical professionals have enough time to focus on their expertise, without losing time on other people’s responsibilities or coordinating tasks.

“One of the things I like most about working in Denmark is the well organized work-life balance. Thanks to that, I’m not stressed.”

Daniela, a specialist in oncology working in Denmark


3. Organized healthcare system


The Danish healthcare system is well known for being organized. There are work schedules to follow, so medical professionals have enough time for patients and can focus on solving their problems.

The medical professionals also act more responsibly in an organized healthcare system. Everybody arrives and leaves on time and gives their best during working hours. This type of organization results in an open atmosphere, where different specialists work together and benefit from each other’s experiences.

“Organization is the best quality of Danish healthcare. I can spend much more time giving professional attention to patients, and focus on solving their problems.”

Jurijs, a surgeon from Latvia working in Denmark


“The Danish healthcare system is well known for being organized. There are work schedules to follow, so medical professionals have enough time for patients and can focus on solving their problems.”

4. Professional growth and satisfaction

The flat hierarchy gives medical professionals a great opportunity for both growth and responsibility. It’s, therefore, necessary for each person to take his share of the workload, to be independent and make wise choices on their own. If you do so you will be rewarded and recognized.

Since the wages are good, no extra shifts have to be picked up to earn more money. This also leads to patients being treated better.

“I have time to consult books regarding theory, the internet and so forth. I never had time for that before. I have more time for patients, and I feel that I can be a better psychiatrist for them.”

Gustav, a psychiatrist from Slovakia working in Denmark


5. Team spirit and pleasant working environment

Denmark has a good working environment and more importantly, a great team spirit. Generally, colleagues are extremely friendly and happy to offer help if they can, and there is always a good atmosphere at meetings or any other encounters.

“There is always someone who brings tea and coffee. Generally, there is a good balance between professionalism and a friendly working environment.”

Dimitris, a psychiatrist from Greece working in Denmark


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BY: Nicole Danielsen, Account Manager Denmark at MediCarrera

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