Child Care in Scandinavia & MediCarrera’s Family Concept

Moving to another country can provide you and your family with outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development. However, when relocating, you have to think about your children as well. Parents always want to make sure their children have the adequate care and feel at home in the new country. That’s why MediCarrera’s relocation team offers assistance in finding a new house, school and kindergarten. Learn more about the child care in Scandinavia and our family concept:

child care scandinavia

MediCarrera’s family concept

The essence of MediCarrera’s approach is that the whole family is included from the very beginning of the process, to achieve a successful relocation as fast and as efficient as possible. Parents are often looking for proper education and healthcare system, as well as the free time they can spend with their family. Sweden, Norway and Denmark are known to be family friendly due to factors like extended parental leave, free education and a monthly allowance for children. Furthermore, Medicarrera makes sure that each family member is assisted throughout the whole process. Family inclusion is the key point for both MediCarerra and the hospitals we cooperate with.


Scandinavian countries have a specific approach towards children. It is often described as active and spontaneous; they never push too much. The teachers are very open-minded and let children eat when they want, sleep when they need it, etc. Although some children might not speak the language yet, the communication is not a problem. The children start to learn the language while playing in the kindergarten and the employees give the parents a monthly update on how their son/daughter is progressing as well as how he/she is behaving.

Child care Scandinavia
“Scandinavia is known to be family friendly due to factors like extended parental leave, free education and a monthly allowance for children.”
Child care scandinavia

Work-life balance

Dividing your time between work and spending time with your children can be challenging. Scandinavia is known for its work-life balance; you work fewer hours and therefore have more time for your private life and your family. According to the Danes themselves, the key is to prioritize life over work. And when they are at work, they enjoy a high degree of flexibility. They can often choose when they start their working day and have the option of working from home. There is also a minimum of five weeks paid holiday for all earners.


Doctors and nurses from all over Europe relocated to Scandinavia and enjoy the benefits of family life there. Some of them shared their experiences with us:

“We were able to see kindergartens and schools and saw that there was a very good environment for children. This was a decisive reason for accepting the job offer.”



“The most important thing for me was that the process is as easy as possible for my daughter. I was curious about life and work in Denmark, but my daughter’s well-being couldn’t be sacrificed in the process. In the end, the whole process was very well organized and planned.”



“Our son loves Norway and is enjoying kindergarten. He is starting to learn Norwegian and the employees give us an update on how he is doing every month.”



Moving abroad might be stressful if you don’t have the support and help of experts. Our relocation team helps you start your new life in Scandinavia. We accompany you until the day you arrive in your new country and start to work. Interested? Register here.

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