Helping Medical Professionals Relocate to Scandinavia

Even though moving to another country can provide you and your family with outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development, this process can be very stressful if not carefully managed. MediCarrera’s relocation team assists both you and your family during the relocation process and solves all the practical issues around the move, before and during the intensive language training. We have been helping medical professionals relocate to Scandinavia for more than 15 years. Find out what our team can help you with if you decide to move to Sweden, Denmark or Norway:

1. Housing

Finding a home is one of the most important things when moving to another country. We make sure to find one that matches your and your family’s wishes. Since in the beginning, the candidates and their families don’t know the language they have to go through an intensive course for four to five months depending on the country. Not having to worry about finding a place to live and focusing exclusively on learning the language comes in handy. In Sweden, there is a shortage of apartments, so it’s particularly hard to find something on your own. We check the areas together with the employer and find something close to work or public transportation. What we look for also depends on your wishes; some people prefer to live outside of the city, while others want to live close to the centre.

Helping Medical Professionals Relocate to Scandinavia

2. School or daycare

Knowing that your children will be taken care of in the best possible way is crucial. We make sure that the children have a place in a school or daycare as soon as possible after arrival. When you go on a study tour, we show you the schools and daycare centres and tell you about the way things work in Scandinavia, such as the eating routines or that children spend a lot of time outside. Children that are a bit older also have to learn the language so they can start their new life in a regular class with other local children and integrate quickly.

3. Medical license

We help you with applying for authorizations and specialist certificates.  In Norway and Denmark our goal is that you have them before you leave our intensive course. These documents are essential because you cannot work without them. We handle everything that has to do with the National Board of Health in each country. We provide you with all the information on what documents you need from the beginning of the process. The only thing you have to do is send these documents to us, and we take it from there. We keep track of the applications and try to help in the best possible way.
MediCarrera has a lot of experience giving language training to healthcare professionals. It’s a very intensive course, but it’s also very effective.

4. The language course

MediCarrera has a lot of experience giving language training to healthcare professionals. It’s a very intensive course, but it’s also very effective. You will study in a course centre where it’s your full-time job to learn the language from our experienced teachers. You get an allowance and accommodation because you can’t work during this time. We take care of your children so that your partner can concentrate on the language course as well. In the beginning, there’s a preparing course, so you already know how to introduce yourself and speak a little bit when you start the language training.

5. The relocation logistics

When moving to another country elementary things that you have to do in the beginning might seem confusing. We assist you in filling in residency documents; help you with the transport and inform you about things like home insurance, the application for ID cards/social security/tax certificates. If you decide to move to Scandinavia with your own furniture, we help you organize the move. We arrange all the flight and train tickets and organize the keys pick up. We tell you how to register in each country, and give information about banks, phone numbers etc. Even though the services MediCarrera provides in the relocation process are the same for each country, there are some tiny differences between them. Our mission is to help you set up a new life in Scandinavia and enable easier integration into a new country for you and your family. Whether it’s finding a home that matches your wishes, making sure your children are taken care of in the best possible way, helping you with paperwork and logistics or making sure you learn the language before you move, we guide you through the entire process and accompany you until the day you arrive in your new country and start to work. If you’re a medical professional interested in career opportunities in Scandinavia register here.
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