How to apply to medical jobs in Scandinavia

How to apply to medical jobs in Scandinavia

For those who want to apply to medical jobs in Scandinavia with MediCarrera, there are a few steps along the way. The applying process for a job can differ depending on the company and the field, and sometimes it is a bit tricky to know exactly what to expect from the process. It can also be hard to know exactly what the process expects and requires from you. As we want you to succeed with your application, we have put together this informative blog post.

How to apply to medical jobs in Scandinavia with MediCarrera, what the different steps in our process are, and how to deal with them one by one is what we will inform you more about below.

The applying process 

The applying process with MediCarrera is divided into five steps. These first steps towards a career in Sweden, Norway or Denmark are:

  • Registration
  • Interview with MediCarrera
  • References
  • Interview with the future employer
  • Guarantee of employment 


The first thing you need to do if you are interested in a medical career in Scandinavia is to register online and send your CV. As soon as we have all your information, our recruitment team starts matching your profile with our current positions. After we add your CV in our database, you will receive offers by e‑mail that matches your professional profile and expectations.

We want to clarify that all the details given to MediCarrera are treated as confidential. You can read more about how we treat your data on our website, under Basic information about data protection and in our Privacy Policy.

Interview with MediCarrera

The next step in the process is the interview with MediCarrera. We organize a Skype meeting or phone call so we can get to know each other better. This meeting is also to present the positions we have matched against your profile and to give you more information about our selection process and our services. During the meeting, we would also like to hear more about your expectations, motivation, professional experience, and if you have any doubts or questions. We will also ask you to fill in a template, to be able to in a better way present you for the currently available positions.



The third step is that we will need to contact two of your references. These references can be current superiors or tutors but also from your previous employment. They should know you well as a specialist doctor, dentist or nurse.

Interview with the future employer

The fourth step is an interview with the future employer. The selected doctors, dentists, and nurses are invited for a study tour and an interview with the future employer to the specific region of Sweden, Norway or Denmark. The hospitals are the ones selecting the candidates, which means that MediCarrera has nothing to do with this selection.

The study tour usually takes two or three days. During one of these days, you will have an interview, to see the clinic and meet colleagues. On the other days, you will have the possibility to see the town, houses, schools, kindergarten and other things of particular interest to you. Since you will have to make a big decision that may include your whole family, your partner is also invited to join you if you wish. Flight tickets and hotel costs during the stay will be paid by the employer.

In a previous blog post, we give our best job interview tips for the first meeting with a future employer.

Guarantee of employment

The fifth step, and the final one in the process, is the guarantee of employment. After the study tour, you and the clinic that you have visited will make the final decision. If both of you agree, you will receive a written guarantee of employment on the condition that you complete our intensive language course

Now you know how to apply to medical jobs in Scandinavia.

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