Jurijs, a Surgeon From Latvia Working in Denmark

a Surgeon Working in Denmark

Jurijs is a surgeon from Latvia. He moved to Denmark six months ago with his family after he was hired in the hospital in Thisted, North Jutland.


Why Denmark

“Being a doctor in Latvia is not very easy, a lot of time and effort go to other things than just being a doctor. The professional approach in Denmark is different, I have the possibility to use medical technologies that I couldn’t use in Latvia because the healthcare there struggles with lack of resources. Another advantage is the income, which is 5-7 times higher in Denmark than in Latvia, and that’s very important for my family.”

The Process With MediCarrera

Before relocating to Denmark, Jurijs attended Medicarrera’s Danish course in Spain and his wife Kristina is now learning the language in Denmark, while working as an ob-gyn specialist at the same hospital as her husband.

“MediCarrera is a reliable company. The relocation was very well organized and I would like to thank Medicarrera, and especially my teacher Nina,  for all the help! The best thing that happened to me is MediCarrera.”


Living in Denmark

After six months of living with his family in Denmark, his first impressions are positive and he is very happy with his job and colleagues.

“People are very friendly here. Both the patients and my colleagues have a lot of patience and are very welcoming. Should I have some trouble expressing myself in Danish, everyone tries to help me. The community is very important here and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Healthcare in Denmark differs a lot from the one in Latvia. In Jurijs’ opinion, the working conditions are much better and he feels has more time to dedicate to patients.

“I would say organization is the best quality of Danish healthcare. At your job, there is a schedule that you follow and it is very easy to work like that. If I have an operation day, I focus only on operating. If I have an outpatient day, I focus only on consulting the patients. I can spend much more time giving professional attention to patients, and focus on solving their problems. In Latvia, the healthcare system is less organized, so you spend a lot of time and energy trying to put things into order.”

“Organization is the best quality of Danish healthcare. I can spend much more time giving professional attention to patients, and focus on solving their problems.”

Work-life Balance

Work-life balance is one of the most important things in Denmark. Since Jurijs is a triathlon enthusiast it is important for him to have time to practice sports.

“The work-life balance is great. Currently, I have time to train 3-4 times per week. I can run, bike and swim here. I hope I will have even more time in the future so I can prepare for the race.”

He and his family are also getting to know the locals and are integrating well into Danish society. They find relocating to Denmark changed their life for the better, even if it was not an easy decision to make.

“The locals here are very friendly. Some Danish families have already involved us in different activities. During the language course, I got the impression that Danes could seem a bit  closed-off. But after moving here, I wouldn’t say so at all. I find them very open-minded. The Latvians and Danes have quite a similar character. The only difference is that the Latvians are a bit more impulsive, while I find the Danes very calm. ”

“Relocating to Denmark changed my life for the better because I am very satisfied with my job. I am very happy that my little girl is in a great kindergarten, and that my wife works in the same hospital I do. We have a good economic situation and we can manage everything. Learning a language takes time and effort, relocation is always difficult, but I have a good feeling about living in Denmark.”


Jurijs’ Advice

When it comes to relocating to Scandinavia, Jurijs has advice for other healthcare professionals who are considering moving:

“It is much more satisfying to work in a well-developed system and to live in a developed and calm society. My advice to doctors who are planning to start working in Denmark is: be patient because good things take time. It might seem challenging to learn a language in a short period of time, but if you want to change your life for the better you should definitely go for it. It is a perfect opportunity for families.”

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