Mirko, a neurologist from Croatia working in Denmark

Neurologist working in Denmark
MIRKO is a neurologist from Croatia. He moved to Aalborg in Denmark in the fall of 2017, after he was offered a job at the local hospital.

Why Denmark?

For Mirko, the decision of moving to Denmark came easily after a conversation with his former colleague who relocated there with the support of MediCarrera: “Because we worked together before at the same University Hospital in Osijek, Croatia, we could compare the very noticeable differences regarding the work conditions. That would be the very famous work-life balance here in Denmark; also what I appreciate the most is the fact that you can completely devote yourself to the patient and his/her needs. Unfortunately, in Croatia, doctors are overworked and don’t have so much time.”

The Process with MediCarrera

After hearing about MediCarrera, hereunder the relocation process, from the colleague, Mirko decided to take the first step. Already from the initial contact, Mirko had a good impression of MediCarrera: “The first person I contacted was Dora Kantor and later Sara Dencker, and for both ladies I only have words of praise. They were very kind and helpful during the whole process.” After the first contact, Mirko had an online interview with MediCarrera and then it was time for a study tour to visit the hospital in Aalborg: “The study trip was very well organised. The first day I came to Aalborg, I had a meeting with Sara and the other candidate doctor about the forthcoming job interview and all the things that matter. On the second day we had a job interview, visiting the department with a head nurse and later in the afternoon a tour around the city with a guide from International House of Aalborg.” Mirko expressed how he discovered the many possibilities Aalborg has to offer during the study tour – he became fond of the city immediately. After being offered the job at the hospital in Aalborg, MediCarrera started the relocation process. The first thing was to apply for licenses and all other required paperwork for Mirko. While MediCarrera got everything sorted, Mirko was invited to a second visit arranged by the hospital in Aalborg. Afterwards, it was time to move to Denmark: “The relocation process was easy for me, because I had decided to just bring my personal belongings. It was all organised by MediCarrera.”
“Danes are very nice and cheerful people, always ready to help if you need anything.”

Living in Denmark

After being offered the job, the hospital in Aalborg provided Mirko with an apartment to live in. Even though Mirko has not been living in Denmark for long, he is already happy with his new way of life: “Living in Denmark is exciting (…) I have explored the city, there are many cultural events going on, concerts, and theatre, just to mention some of them. I have also visited the city of Skagen, and was very impressed about the city’s history and the famous artist colony from the 19th century.” When moving to a new country, the people and language are an important factor. The Danes have made a positive impression on Mirko and he is sure about his favourite Danish word: “Danes are very nice and cheerful people, always ready to help if you need anything. (…) My favourite word in Danish was and still is “hygge” which in translation would be “having a nice time”.” When it comes to the difference between his home country and Denmark, Mirko emphasises the way of living and the quality of the Danish healthcare system: “The main difference between Croatia and Denmark that I would like to emphasize is a better work-life balance and higher standards in the Danish healthcare system.”

Mirko’s Advice and Moving Forward

For other colleagues wanting to move to Scandinavia for work, Mirko has some pieces of advice, especially when it comes to relocating to Denmark: “Before I came to Denmark I had read two books regarding the theme Denmark, the first was “The Little Book of Hygge – The Danish Way to Live Well” by Meik Wiking. The other book is “The Year of Living Danishly – Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country” by Helen Russell. The fact that Denmark was listed as one of the happiest nations in the world several times was the reason I read these books, and it was helpful to get some good information about the country and the people in Denmark. That would be my advice for other colleagues who are interested in coming to Denmark, to read these books as my personal recommendation. (…) you (also) have to be determined in your desire to change your life for the better, because Denmark is offering that.” Moving forward, there is especially one thing Mirko is excited about: “In the future, there is the possibility of taking part in research projects and doing a Ph.D., which I’m really looking forward to.“
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