Scandinavian view on gender equality

On the occasion of International Women’s day, we want to dig deeper into the Scandinavian view on gender equality and these countries continuous work in this specific field.

In accordance with many international rankings and surveys, these nations are among the best places to live in as a woman. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are all at the top of many ranking lists when it comes to gender equality. The reasons behind this and what makes the Scandinavian countries stand out are what we are going to take a closer look at below.


The Nordic countries were the first to develop the paid parental leave system by adding the so-called “mother and father quotas”. They were also among the first countries in the world to provide women with full voting rights. Likewise among the first ones to introduce legislation prohibiting dismissal from employment on the grounds of marriage or parenthood¹.

Employment and income equality

Sweden, Norway, and Denmark have comparatively high rates of female participation in the labor force and proportion of parliamentary seats held by women. The number of women in the Scandinavian public sector has increased and today the prime ministers of both Norway and Denmark are women. So is also 47% of Sweden’s parliament