Swedish general practitioners (GPs) rank number one in consultation time

Swedish general practitioners (GPs) rank number one in consultation time

Scandinavian healthcare is known to be of high quality. Did you, for example, know that Swedish general practitioners rank number one in consultation time in primary care? According to a study that was made in 2017, the average consulting time in primary care in Sweden is 22.5 minutes per patient, which is a lot compared to many other countries. In this blog post, we’ll dig deeper into the benefits of longer consulting times per patient and the overall benefits of working as a GP in Sweden.

Average consulting time – 22.5 minutes per patient

According to the study which was a few years ago, the average consulting time in the Swedish primary care is 22.5 minutes per patient. In some regions, the GPs can even spend up to 30-40 minutes on one patient, if necessary. Having more time per patient means that general practitioners get a chance to know their patients better. They can also solve patients’ problems more efficiently. The job also includes prevent referrals to other specialists and, therefore, the waste of money and time.

More benefits of working as a GP in Sweden

Working as a GP in Sweden comes with many benefits, not only more time together with the patients. In Sweden, GPs are the most recognized doctors and key specialists. One of the most important advantages of working as a GP in Sweden is professional recognition. GPs in Sweden are not only paid better than in other parts of Europe but better than the rest of the specialists in Sweden. More competencies come with longer training. The training for the GPs in Sweden lasts about 5-6 years. Foreign doctors that move to Sweden have to take extra courses to keep up with the Swedish standards. The reason behind the extended training is the responsibility GPs have in Sweden, they don’t only see patients to refer them to other specialists, but they perform all kinds of examinations and can solve a lot of issues themselves.  

GPs in Sweden can perform small surgeries and know a bit of dermatology and. psychiatry. They also know a lot of different fields from other specializations. In Sweden, GPs can treat some cases of depression alongside other illnesses. Even though GPs that relocate to Sweden spend a lot of time on extra training and courses, it’ll be worth it as they will feel much appreciated and recognized. They’ll get the chance to practicing medicine and making a significant difference for their patients.

If you want to read more about why you should work as a GP in Sweden, you can do so here.

Testimonials from our recruited GPs in the past years

“In general, the work­place functions better in Sweden than in Hungary. Here you have more doctors and nurses working in each district and you work with a good team feeling and an attitude of sticking up for one other. Here, the patients are also positive to the doctor collab­orating with other experts and asking them for advice. In Hungary, this is practically seen as a sign of incompetence.”

Agnes, a GP from Hungary working in Sweden.


“In our primary care center there are 10 GPs, and in total 60 medical staff among which nurses, psychologists, kinesiotherapists. The primary care center has its own independent laboratory.

In public healthcare, they use their time and their resources very efficiently. The family doctor has an electronic agenda, which is organized in advance by the nurse, with 15 minutes per patient, so all the time is planned with maximum efficiency. Even the breaks are scheduled, twice per day.”

David, a GP from Romania working in Sweden.

“In Sweden general medicine specialists are expected to close down the treatment and only refer patients to other specialist doctors when it’s absolutely needed.

I feel much more secure than I used to in Hungary. I have a more stable situation in Sweden. I will of course never forget my Hungarian roots, family, friends, and colleagues but I feel this was the right choice to make. Besides the lifestyle, it is also a great opportunity for a GP to improve as a professional. I would recommend this change to my colleagues who want to improve and learn more. The training is really important and the GPs in Sweden are very much appreciated. It is important to adapt to a new system. If you are not flexible, it’s not the best choice. However, if you are determined to make it work, do not hesitate. Just be patient and persistent!”

Erika, a GP From Hungary Working in Sweden.

Swedish general practitioners rank number one in consultation time which means they have the possibility to meet longer with the patients. The GPs in Sweden get a better chance to know their patients so that they can solve their problems more efficiently without having to refer them to other specialists. This, in turn, prevents the waste of money and their colleague’s precious time. General practitioners who have relocated to Sweden with help from MediCarrera witness that they use their time and resources very efficiently in the Swedish public healthcare, and that GPs in Sweden are also very much appreciated.

If you have more questions about working as a GP in Sweden, please contact us. We will happily give you more information about our process and the available job offers we have for you.


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