Why Should You Work as a Nurse in Sweden?

BY: Justyna Markowitz, Recruitment Consultant at MediCarrera

The nurses that work in Sweden represent an autonomous sector with its own organization and have a high professional status. They can independently perform complex medical tasks and they receive constant education and training. In Sweden, it is also common that experienced nurses are Head of Departments and participate in the management of the hospitals. Learn more about the benefits of finding work as a nurse in Sweden:


1. The job market

There are two main reasons why the job market for nurses is very good in Sweden: First, Sweden’s population is growing. Second, the ageing population in Sweden has increased as well. There are a lot of opportunities and there is a high demand for nurses in different areas (from cardiology to psychiatry, oncology, etc.) It is estimated that the demand for nurses will increase by 40% in 2030 whereas the number of nurses will only increase by 20%, which will result in a gap that needs to be filled.


2. Modern healthcare system

Nurses have the opportunity to work in an organised, modern healthcare system, which is a result of the open-minded Swedish society, advanced technology and constant improvement. The healthcare organisation is non-hierarchical, which allows the nurses to have a good professional status and grow professionally.

“The healthcare organisation is non-hierarchical, which allows the nurses to have a good professional status and grow professionally.”

3. Good working conditions 

The nurses are offered a full-time permanent contract, with 36-38 working hours per week. They work in three shifts and get 25 days of paid holidays per year. The starting salary is between 20 000 and 30 000 Swedish Kronas, depending on the experience of the candidate. It also increases when they get more integrated into the system. The nurses are always fairly compensated for all the extra work, public holidays, etc. The integration period with both training and supervision lasts for six months. This way, the employer is ensured that the nurses are integrated into the system and that they understand the language and the way of working.

4. Professional status

Nurses have a very good reputation in Sweden. They are the first contact for the patients and have a high influence on the healthcare system in Sweden. Since the organisation is non-hierarchical, there is a high mutual respect between the doctors and the nurses.

5. Career development possibilities

Nurses who are interested in specific fields of medicine such as paediatrics or ICU can follow special training programmes, which include specific studies and clinical training in order to become a specialist. It also gives them the opportunity for becoming a Head of Department, which results in a salary raise.   MediCarrera is collaborating with the public healthcare in several regions of Sweden. There are now vacancies for permanent and full-time employment, for nurses in many different specialisations.

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