How to learn a new language with MediCarrera

Learning a new language is not the easiest thing for everyone to do and it requires that you put a lot of effort into the learning process. You might be wondering if you are going to make it and the answer is that almost everybody who has been studying hard from the beginning will make it in the end.

MediCarrera has a learning process that is divided into two different steps: the preparing online language course and the intensive language course at the campus. Only less than 5% of our candidates are not able to complete the language course in our training process, most times because of personal issues.

We have asked previous candidates and their partners about their experience with our language courses. We also asked them what it is like to learn a new language in just a few months. Most of them are positive and even though it was some tough couple of months, they admit that in the end, it was worth all the hard work.

Preparing language course online

The first step in the process of learning the new language is our preparing online language course. The course lasts three months, the doctors or nurses are expected to study for one hour every day (approx. 8 hours/week). Since this online course is part-time and self-educating, the candidates need to be responsible and manage their study hours well. Our goal with this online course is to make it easier for candidates from the beginning of the intensive course.

The intensive language course at the campus

Our campuses are located in Budapest and Calafell (outside Barcelona), which is where the candidates study the language full-time. It is composed of 5-6 hours of c