Welcome to MediCarrera

MediCarrera recruits specialist doctors and dentists from countries within the European Community for work in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and organises their language training.

-I received all the help I needed. It is fantastic we can communicate in Swedish after such a short time. It is a very effective course but also very tough.-

Enikö Nagy, psychiatrist, attended our course with her four year old daughter

The mission of MediCarrera is to provide all the support the doctor/dentist and the family need so that when they arrive in Scandinavia the whole family is prepared for their new life.

With the MediCarrera concept every family member will speak the language from their first day in the new country.

Our concept

We select candidates in many European countries to facilitate the best matches.

• We take careful consideration of the interests of the whole family

• We offer an introductory language course through internet and an intensive language course of four months for all family members at our course centre with kindergarten for the youngest

• We assist doctors/dentists with: finding a house/apartment and school or kindergarten, medical authorisation, residency, organisation of transport of goods and other practical issues.

  Management System Certification ISO9001, ISO14001, DNV